10 DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Pumpkins in

The store display;


Not far away!

~ Rusty Fischer

Everyone loves a trick or treat in Halloween. And what better way to get into the mood, than getting your home decked up with Halloween decorations? Up your game with these 10 DIY Halloween decoration ideas. Just because Halloween is a yearly affair doesn’t mean it needs to be boring and formulaic. So, ditch those store-bought Halloween decorations and get ready for some spooky fun with these crafty DIY ideas for Halloween decoration.

1. Carve-Free Pumpkins

The carving of pumpkins to fashion jack-o’-lanterns was popularized several hundred years ago, when Irish immigrants to North America discovered the pumpkin. Prior to that, the carving of other vegetables, like turnips and potatoes, to create jack-o’-lanterns had already been a fairly common practice. Fast forward to today, pumpkins still feature heavily in many Halloween decorations. After all, this fruit’s harvesting season in October coincides with Halloween which is typically celebrated on 31st October.

Besides the usual jack-o’-lanterns, there are many other great and easy ideas to use pumpkins in your Halloween decorations without the hassle of carve work. Glitter, markers, paint and even felt are just some of the materials that you can use to glam up your pumpkins for an impressive Halloween decoration ensemble. Create your very own animal-themed pumpkins like the black cat pumpkins or owl pumpkins featured in HGTV.

via hgtv.com

With a combination of black paint, white and black paint markers, felt cloth fashioned into noses and whiskers, and of course a few pumpkins of different sizes, you can create your very own litter of black cat pumpkins. Check out the step-by-step instructions from HGTV.

Or if you fancy something cuter, try out the owl pumpkin idea. According to HGTV, all you need are large and medium orange pumpkins, a few smaller white pumpkins or gourds, and some other tools that you can easily find at home (knife, toothpicks, newspaper, tablespoon and permanent marker), some cutting and arrangement work, and voila!

If you don’t fancy animals, you can also create other caricature pumpkin decorations. Fashion a witch pumpkin with a black hat, markers to draw out the witch’s face, and a cone stuck on with glue for the witch’s crafty nose. Or if you prefer something friendlier, create your own smiley-faced pumpkins with different colour markers or stickers! You can even use coloured fondant to make caricature faces on your pumpkins.

For the lazy ones who don’t want to go to the lengths of decorating the pumpkins, feel free to ditch the extra work. After all, these lovelies are good enough on their own for some of the most awesome DIY Halloween decoration ideas.

For a grand entrance, consider lining pumpkins on each step if you have a stairway leading up to your home.

Otherwise, have these lovelies of different sizes and even colours stacked up on top of a barrel or a tree stump for yet another beautiful Halloween decoration idea.

Whatever your choice, carve-free pumpkins make for hassle-free yet equally impressive DIY Halloween decoration ideas! They are also great for indoor or outdoor decorations. You can create your own centrepiece by arranging these beauties at your front porch, on your tabletop, near the fireplace, in the garden, or anywhere else!

2. Wreaths

Wreaths are not just for Christmas. Have a Halloween-themed wreath at your door and I guarantee you that many trick-or-treaters will come a knocking come Halloween!

When I mention wreaths, you may be thinking of twigs, branches and leaves. Well, if these materials are readily available and you have a knack for crafting wreaths the good old way, go for it! For a simpler and more contemporary twist, wrap a round life buoy with some festive ribbon or cloth (some nice colour options include Fall/Halloween-themed colours like orange and green) and keep it intact with pins. To complete the wreath, simply tie a bright orange bow (or any other colour of your liking) to double up as a hanger for the wreath. And there you have it! Your very own Halloween-themed wreath! To jazz up this decoration, simply get some small and cheap decorations like mini faux pumpkins and stick them on with glue. There’s a DIY decoration idea that is easy to make using items that you already have at home!

3. Banners

Now, if wreaths are not your thing, a banner on your door will do an equally impressive job to welcome trick-or-treat goers to your home!


Print your own banner and have it pasted on your door. For another quick and fuss-free option, affix coloured paper plates to a string or rope with words like “Happy Halloween” or “Beware!”  written or printed and pasted on the plates. Otherwise, you could also get creative and paint your own banner. If you aren’t confident of your painting or drawing abilities, make use of stencils to paint the banner. You needn’t even spend money on store-bought stencils. Create your own stencils by printing out shapes of cats, a life-sized witch, or anything else that you would like to have on your banner, and cut out your own paper stencils. For a more three-dimensional look, you can even consider adding origami decorations or other pop-up crafts to your banner. Glow-in-the-dark paint is also a great way to make your banner come alive as the celebrations liven up in the night!

4. Hanging Lights / Lanterns

I know it’s not going to be Christmas for a while, but that doesn’t mean those Christmas lights can’t come in handy for a great DIY Halloween decoration idea. Transform your Christmas string lights into a Halloween decoration with just a few creative additions. Intertwine the Christmas lights around your door banner, hang them cross your curtains with handmade shades from paper cups wrapped in Halloween-themed coloured paper, hang them from the branches of your garden trees, the options are endless. And if you don’t have Christmas lights at home, string up some light bulbs with a rope or a raffia string and that will make for a great and affordable set of hanging lights.

via hgtv.com

Another great idea from HGTV. If you have battery-operated tea lights, place them in transparent jars, glasses or vases. Paste self-made stencils on the containers to create your own jack-o’-lanterns. For a more colourful ensemble, fill the containers with candies in brightly-coloured wrappers. You can string these up and hang them from tree branches in your garden or even have them light up your front porch.

5. Creepy Garage Backdrop

If you have a garage, don’t leave it out in your Halloween decorations! Create your own creepy garage backdrop with paper cut-outs of bats, owls or black cats to complete your outdoor Halloween decorations. You can get creative with the choice of material. Don’t be limited by paper. There are many other great craft materials that you can work with: felt, cloth, or even items that are sitting around in your home like a real broomstick, wrapping paper, etc. You can also combine ideas. Add hanging lights / lanterns to let your garage backdrop come to life when it gets dark.

6. Fake graveyards

For those with the luxury of a front yard or a garden, make full use of the outdoor space you have!

Decorate your outdoor space with easy DIY Halloween tombstones. All you need are Styrofoam sheets, paint, markers, a knife for cutting and a brush for painting. Make outlines of the tombstones on the Styrofoam sheets before cutting them out, use the markers to design the tombstones, and paint them to finish. Stick these tombstones in the grass and you can even add the self-made jack-o’-lanterns or some tealights for a more dramatic and ghostly effect in the night.

Even if you don’t have a front yard or a garden, you can place these DIY tombstones on top of your fireplace or your foyer area. These are great Halloween decoration ideas if you would like to create a spooky atmosphere indoors!

7. Stencil Window Decorations

A classic and hassle-free way to decorate the entire house— stencil window decorations!

These don’t have to be store-bought. I’ve talked about self-made stencils earlier and here’s how to make them. Go on the internet, find silhouette templates that you like, print them on plain white paper (you can use multiple pages depending on the size that you want), tape them onto black poster paper, cut them out, and there you have your own black silhouette templates. Next up, add wax paper to your window panes— get the measurements of your window panes and cut the wax paper to size. Finish off by affixing the silhouettes you have created to the wax paper using double-sided tape. Get your family and friends involved and you will have much fun putting together these DIY Halloween decorations!

8. Spooky Portraits

There’s a wealth of information and resources on the Internet, and that includes spooky pictures. For a more sinister Halloween setting indoors, make your own Halloween-themed portraits to add a chill to the room.

Spooky Portraits

Gather your unused photo or picture frames, print out ghastly portraits to fit the dimensions of your frames, and slot them in. Hang these spooky portraits along your walkway, outside the bathroom, or have them arranged on the table or on top of the fireplace. Just like a scene right out of a horror movie!

9. Apothecary Table

Apothecary Table

Create your own apothecary table. It can be a mad scientist’s laboratory or a witch’s secret potion corner, whatever you want to call it. All you need are transparent glass containers, bottles or jars of different shapes and sizes (they can be leftover pasta sauce jars, flower vases, etc.), food colourings, some fake rubber toys for scares, think snakes, spiders that you can just buy from the thrift store, and even dried flowers. Put them all together and you have a collection of ominous-looking potions fit for an apothecary table. This is a DIY Halloween decoration idea that looks expensive but is so easy to pull off!

10. Spooky Dining Table

No festive celebrations are complete without food and Halloween is no exception. Welcome your guests with a spooky dining table all decked to treat or trick them! Below are just some of the countless possible DIY Halloween decoration ideas to embellish your dining table for the Halloween festivities!

Halloween-Themed Tablecloth

Halloween-Themed Tablecloth

Start with a blood red or black tablecloth and complete it with a vintage table setting that looks like a scene from Dracula. For something more artsy, you can use a white tablecloth (that you don’t intend to keep or use for other occasions), and add splashes of red paint, painted black cat motifs using stencils, or anything else that would fit your Halloween theme.

Halloween-Themed Dinnerware

Halloween-Themed Dinnerware

White, black or even orange and green dinnerware would be perfect, depending on the Halloween look you are going for. You can even spice things up by creating your own creepy crawly motifs on your plates and utensils. Use food colouring or any food-safe paint to paint these creepy crawlies onto the dinnerware. If you have even more time, make coloured fondant and cut out your own motifs to stick onto the plates and utensils. Just make sure the material you use is safe for consumption and can be washed off!

Halloween Napkin Folds

No I am not suggesting that you buy special napkins for Halloween.

Halloween Napkin Folds

via pinterest.com

Google for Halloween napkin folding techniques and you will be hugely rewarded. With a few practices, impress your guests with napkins folded to resemble bats, witch’s hats, ghosts, or even pumpkins!


Let your pumpkin double up as a vase for a stunning floral centrepiece that matches your Halloween theme. Paint the pumpkin or wrap it in decorative paper. In case your theme calls for sombre colours, use dried flowers instead of fresh flowers.

For table tennis or tennis players, put your spare balls to good use! Spray on white paint, add in eyes using black and red (for a bloody effect) paint, and place your very own eyeball creations in a transparent dish or vase for a great DIY Halloween decoration idea.

Halloween-Themed Food

Halloween-Themed Food

Last but not least, what’s a Halloween dinner table setting without the food. So, let your imagination run wild: blood red punch served in goblets, Halloween-themed pastries, lollipops wrapped in small pieces of white cloth with ghost faces painted to look like miniature ghost “pops”, and spider-shaped jellies, etc. These are just some great DIY ideas that you can easily incorporate without compromising on the taste of your food!

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With all these suggestions, I hope you have a better idea of the DIY Halloween decorations you can create. DIY projects are a great way to spend quality time with your family and friends, and I am sure you will have fun putting these Halloween decoration ideas together for a memorable Halloween! It’s “witch” craft time!

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