5 Simple Wood Projects For Newbie

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We have different pastime activities. We use these activities to relieve stress, bring family and friends together, take our minds off work, or to just pass time, hobbies make life enjoyable. Woodworking is a fun activity and can be a great hobby. You can make a broad range of items from one or several pieces of wood. The skill just like any other skill needs practice as you learn from experience. If you are a beginner, you can start off with minor projects and as you get better at it tackle larger ones. Are you wondering which simple woodwork projects to start working on as a beginner? Below are some ideas for five simple woodworking projects you should try.

1.  Tool Box:

A tool box is among the easiest items you can build as a newbie. It is a good project for beginners because of its practical application and simplicity in construction. All you require are some pieces of wood, nails, and glue! You will also need a saw to cut the wood and a hammer to drive in the nails joining the wood. This is a great project for a newbie because you will need a tool box if you are to continue woodworking. Here you will store all your woodworking tools for safety and easy retrieval when you need to use them.

When you have completed your first toolbox, you may consider trying it out again this time with different measurements. This way you can create one that can hold larger tools or materials. You can also consider creating a box that allows more wood detail, allowing you decorate your tool box. You will have this piece for the rest of your woodworking, and you might want to make it appealing to anyone who sets eyes on it. Once you finish this project, you will be ready to move onto something a little more advanced.

2.  Bird House:

A bird house is a good project for a novice that does not take up a lot of time to create. It is slightly complicated as compared to a tool box but that should not scare you! It might take some extra skill if you want to build a nice one but starting with a simple one can be quite easy. A simple bird house does not require a lot of skills and steps. You need very few materials to complete this project. It is a great project to start learning and practicing creating joints that you will use in your woodwork.

During construction, you can leave the back side of the bird house open where you will attach a few suction cups. Display the bird house in your yard or outside your kitchen window, convenient for both the birds and for people to see. If you love birds and would like to see different types, then this project will bring all kinds of birds to your home for you to see. In addition, the feeling you will get from constructing something that looks more complicated than it is will leave you feeling great. You will be looking for more projects to work on.

3.  Shelves:

Sometimes your walls may be blank, and you are looking for extra storage. You can make some shelves and add them to the wall for some extra space. Shelves are easy to make and can be hung anywhere for use to hold just about anything. They can be used to hang frames on your wall, TV, in the garage for storage just to name but a few. You can also paint them any desired color to match the room colors making them look even more beautiful.

One shelf you should try as a novice is a book shelf. Bookshelves come in handy when it comes to organizing your books. You can make a large one or a small one depending on the number of books you intend to store. For those with many books, a slightly large bookshelf that can stand on its own is ideal. You will then find a strategic position to place it in your house. If you have just a few books put together a small one that can be set on a table, so it won’t occupy so much space. You can even place it next to your bed so that the book you are reading is not so far from you when you want some quiet reading before sleeping.

4.  CD/DVD Rack:

Making a CD/DVD rack gives you a chance to get as creative as you want. There are a wide variety of CD/DVD racks designs; you can take a look at them before settling for the one you will make. Once you have settled on the design put together your working tools; wood pieces, nails, and glue and get to work. Have an idea of the number of discs you will want the rack to hold, so you do not make one too small or too big. Go for measurements that will not leave the discs falling off or stuck when one want to remove them. You can place the discs cases vertically without being too deep into the rack making it difficult to pull out nor protruding out of the rack that it might fall off. Also, make sure to measure the area where the rack will sit, so you make the ideal size.

If you aim at making a CD/DVD rack that will give your living room that pleasant look you easily get that by giving it an even better look. After completing the rack, you can beautify it by adding varnish or painting. For painting colors such as brown, blue or black are recommended for that amazing CD/DVD rack. But again there would be no harm if you choose to go with another color of your liking. Give the rack ample time to dry out then place it at your desired position and arrange your CDS or DVDS. The rack will not only add elegance to your room but also help keep the discs organized and free from scratches. For more easy woodworking projects click here

5.  Jewelry Box:

You have been spending time with wood, and your family or friends are still amused by the idea. How about making something for them? The truth is, this may be a little complex as it requires a hinge or two. Being your first time with hinges, you may need some time to figure out how to go about it. Most newbies have figured it out quite easily so it shouldn’t be that difficult. In no time you will have the jewelry box ready, and you can give it to your mom, sister or wife. Men have jewelry too. You can also make one for the men in your life. They may not have as many jewelry as women but the few they have need good storage. It can come in handy when it comes to safely keeping the ring, watches or even coins.

If you are designing one for a man, it is advisable to go for dull colors. Unlike women, many men love dull colors. The main reason is to save the person from looking around all day for their earrings, necklaces, rings or even watches. The truth is jewelry boxes will never go out of style. Once you can make one, you can gift it to almost anyone in your life. A wooden jewelry will not only be an amazing gift but a classy and elegant one as it can be placed almost anywhere in the house. With practice, you will even be able to customize as desired. You will note that working with hinges becomes easier after the first time. This prepares you to tackle other larger projects that require the use of hinges.

Special Note:

Once you have decided what you have your woodwork projects planned, it is time to get the supplies needed. Bear in mind that as a newbie you do not need to buy expensive power tools. You can start with hand tools and build almost any project. Once experienced you will move to more advanced projects, and you may want to invest in some more powerful tools to make the job easier and less time-consuming. For now, with the tools you have lying around the house such as a hammer, handsaw, paintbrush and measuring tape you can complete many woodworking projects.


This being your first time making woodcrafts, you will find carving a challenge. However, this happens to all newbies so do not give up just yet. You can make this easier for yourself by following woodwork plans available. A woodwork plan provides a full list of materials required and a step by step guide on how to go about the project. By following this, you can have a final product of the item intended. You can also use the help of an expert in woodwork if you have one near you. You will not believe how easily you can master woodworking if you concentrate on building a good foundation using simple and easy to follow projects.

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