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Fall comes and makes your lawn full of yellow leaves. It will look so romantic if you are in the movie. But in fact, you will have to spend hard days to rake all the leaves out of your beloved lawn. However, if you are already tired of that jobs, maybe it’s time to own a tool that can help you reduce time and effort in cleaning the fall leaves and debris in your lawn.

5 Best Lawn Sweepers You Shouldn’t Miss 2020:

What is a lawn sweeper?

Because there is too much “technical” explanation about lawn sweeper that you easily find on the Internet, so we want to use define it by the different way.

Lawn sweeper is a great tool that can help you:

  • Reduce wasting time: in collecting and raking the fallen leaves/ debris/ grass clipping in the lawn in the “fastest” and “easiest” way.
  • Avoid back and joint problem: if you have already clean your messy lawn all day, you will understand how much painful it takes after all. Because you have to stand and move all around the lawn, then raking, raking the whole big land. That’s why owning a lawn sweeper is the smart decision.
  • Prevent stress: don’t make the love in caring the lawn/ garden turn into stress. The lawn sweeper will help you collecting the leaves faster, make your lawn become beautiful like before.

Lawn sweeper vs others tool:

Some people thought that lawn sweep is not a necessary gardening tool that you have to own. However, time proves that a lawn sweeper is able to works effectively many times comparing to the leaf blowers or leaf rakes.

Lawn SweeperLeaf blowerRakes
Suit forSmall to big lawnSmall lawnSmall lawn
UsesSweep away dry/ wet leaves, debris, grass clipping, pine needles,… out of your lawn.Able to move small and light debris like dry leaves, grass cuttings.Can collect leaves, grass in your yard by manually.
EffectivenessVery effectiveMedium effectiveLow effective
SizeSmall to bigSmallSmall
Price rangesNew from $60 to more than $500Cheap to expensiveVery cheap

How to choose the best lawn sweeper?

It’s not hard to find the best lawn sweeper even though there’re many products outside. Just follow 5 simple step below:

Step 1: define your size of lawn

This is really easy because you are the person who understands your lawn clearly. You need to measure the size of your lawn/ garden. How many trees you have?

How often you need to clean your lawn? Does your lawn flat or not?

Step 2: choose the type of the lawn sweeper

Lawn sweeper has two main type and each of them fits with different size of lawn. So the next and very important step is choosing the right type of lawn sweeper that suitable to your lawn size and budget.

Tow behind type:

This type needs to connect with a tractor or lawn mower to operate. And it has the big design for handle the large lawns which have a big number of trees. You don’t have to spend physical effort like using rakes or leaf blowers.

Push type:

Oppositely, the push type run by manually, which means you have to push the machine over the area you want to sweep. This type of lawn sweeper requires the physical effort like rakes and leaf blowers. But it doesn’t need to be connected to the tractor and give the high result than other cleaning ways. This type also very affordable for small budget. It’s great to clean the small lawn and garden that have less tree.

Some people choose the wrong type of lawn sweeper for their lawn and waste even more money and time. So, making sure you are not going that way.

Step 3: choose the right sweeper size:

Basing on your lawn size, you will select the most appropriate sweeper width. The larger of the size, the faster your job be done.

Step 4: decide the budget

When defining the budget you could spend for buying a lawn sweeper, you will narrow the range of suitable products. This step also helps you not spend too much for unnecessary stuff.

Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews 2020

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper Review:

Summary review:


Done excellently all your requirement in sweeping the leaves and debris out of your lawn.


Not cheap made. Comes with reasonable price.

Ease of use

Simple to operate even at the first time.


Provide flagrant warranty program.


  • High-effective sweeping result.
  • Durable and easy to use


  • Too big for small lawn.

Agri-Fab is popular for creating high-end lawn sweeper with can last long for many years without trouble. And the Agri-Fab 45-0492 model is the best choice for who are looking for the most durable and effective lawn sweeper for your beloved lawn. It stands out with a lot of high benefits


Smart design that able to minimize your sweat in collecting a lot of leaves.

This lawn sweeper provides larger mesh capacity than other models on the market ( up to 25 Cu. ft.) for making sure you don’t have to stop much time empty the bag when it’s full. Moreover, with the tow-style, the Agri-Fab 45-0492 is time-consuming than the push-type to sweep the lawn.


Time-consuming when setting up and empty:

The Agri-Fab 45-0492 doesn’t need any other tool to set up with your tractor. This sweeper allows you to quickly assembly thanks to simple nuts and bolts, which can easily pin anywhere and be operating immediately.

Save effort to control the machine:

Operating a big machine like Agri-Fab 45-0492 might scare of some people. But it’s not like what you think. This lawn sweeper connects directly with a tractor or lawn mower. Therefore you just need to sit down and operate it. Besides, the brush height can be adjusted with only 1 simple button. This feature makes sure the machine won’t slip while you’re using.

Able to mow and sweep at the same time so you can save double time:

The Agri-Fab 45-0492 not only has a patented hitch that can quickly install the consistent height compatible with your tractor. Moreover, it can help you sweep and mow the grass at the same time ensuring saving x2 time and effort.

Super durable:

Unlike other products with cheap made that didn’t last for few months. This lawn sweeper is designed for operating many years with trouble-free. Investing for a durable product save a lot of money than paying for a cheap one but super bad quality.

Saving space to storage:

Despite the large size, this Agri-Fab lawn sweeper can be folded and storage even in small areas. It means you don’t need to have a big storehouse or large space in case owning this machine.


It comes with the biggest size 44-inch. Therefore, the large size might not fit with your small and medium size of lawn.

Brinly STS-427LXH 20 Cubic Feet Tow Behind Lawn Sweeper, 42-Inch

Summary review:


Impressive result. It’s able to sweep away all the pine needles, leaves and debris just in one to three passes.


Affordable price for even the medium budget.

Ease of use

It’s easy to use but hard to assemble at the first time. You have to spend a lot of time to research how to put all the parts together.


  • Able to pick up all type of leaves and debris.
  • Large hamper for save emptying time.
  • Space saving for storage.


  • Hard to assemble

Brinly lawn sweeper model STS-427LXH is another tow-type lawn sweeper appears this list. It has large 42-inch sweeper and 20 cu. Ft. hamper. The big style enables the higher effective and less in empty when operating. This is also a good choice for your lawn.


Optimized design for the maximum effectiveness:

  • Faster cleaning in the minimum pass times:

Despite many competitors on market, this Brinly lawn sweeper still proves so many impressive features that able to help your cleaning lawn job complete quickly in the shortest time.

First, the great support comes from 6 high-speed brushes. Yes, that’s right. This machine has up to 6 high-velocity brushes. They have the ability to operate continuously for making sure your ground be swept clearly every time they pass. Moreover, this lawn sweeper provides the high ratio 5:1 brush to ground. This means it’s optimized for clean all the debris on your lawn from leaves, grass clipping to pine needles in the minimum pass times.

One more thing we love about this machine is the smooth performance even on the uneven land thanks to the Twist-Lock Height Adjustment. This part assists fixed the brush height for the best result in any type of lawn.

  • Reduce emptying times:

The next step you have to do after drive the lawn sweeper around your lawn with a full hamper is processing the leaves and unnecessary debris. You have to gather them. Burn or try some new ways to handle. We just want to say that this lawn sweeper has a super big hamper up to 20 cu.ft. capacity. Because it’s huge, so you can reduce the time and sweat for emptying the hamper.

Made from high-end material for ensuring long lasting:

This machine is made from solid material to ensure you can clear all the terrain. That’s why even the hamper is produced from poly weave fabric for certainly the machine can lasting in the longest time of use.

Space-saving, simple to fold and storage:

As same as Agri-Fab 44-inch, this Brinly lawn sweeper is specifically designed for easily folded and store as upright form. It allows you to store at the small space, help to save the maximum area than other lawn sweeper model.


Hard to assemble. Big size so it’s not an ideal lawn sweeper for small lawn owner.

Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper Spiral Brush, 42"/22 cu. ft.

Summary review:


Has the ability to operate and sweep leaves, grass clippings, debris on the different style of lawn without trouble.



Ease of use

Easy to use and control. But hard to assemble at the first time.


Very durable

The next best lawn sweeper you should check is the Ohio Steel 42SWP22. The biggest highlight feature you can looking for in this machine is it’s extremely durable. Ensuring you can use it for several years. And the effectiveness is worth for the money.


Optimal design for high longevity:

In comparison with other cheap-made lawn sweepers those only work for a few times and shut down forever. This lawn sweeper is designed specially by high-end and durable materials to ensure it can operate for many years at the highest effective.

The body of the machine is steadily designed from steel material. Sealed steel ball bearing portion is fixed on the brush axle and the lock height adjustment feature enables this lawn sweeper not broken during operating because the obstacles encountered along the way.

Better sweeping with patented brush design:

While other lawn sweepers using the straight brushes, this machine is specially designed exclusive patented spiral brushes. This special design helps reducing pressure on the gear in order to last the longevity. Above all, it easily creates friction and cleaning obstacles easier.

Large hopper capacity to save time emptying:

This lawn sweeper has a big hopper capacity up to 22 cubic foot, which is made of polyester material. So it is very durable and saving time for cleaning. It's also easy to empty by pulling a rope. Besides, the hopper can be removed easily and conveniently storage after use.

Easy to operate on any garden terrain.

Many people wary when using the lawn sweeper because its big size is difficult to move. Some lawns have convex and concave areas and not everyone can own the flat garden that easy to clean up. But do not worry because this machine features a "no-slip" locking height adjustment that prevents vibration when driving and ensure the brush in place.

In addition, a hopper chute is expanded 33% compared to other products (9-inch) that can reduce clogged if it, unfortunately, stuck big leaves or sticks.

Fit almost types of tractor or mower:

The machine has 4-prong hitch helps increase the durability and efficiency, easy to integrate with the majority of tractors or mowers on the market.


Cumbrous design. Awkward to assemble at the first time.

Alternative choices:

We highly recommend you the top 3 lawn sweepers above. However, they all have tow-type. As the machine requires you to own available tractors or mowers for integration and use. However, with smaller gardens, these law sweepers may too cumbersome to operate. Therefore we also introduced several alternative options to help your lawn chores done easier.

Yardwise Sweep it 23630-YW Push Lawn Sweeper, 21-Inch



It’s great when operating the small to medium size of lawn with small leaves or pieces of debris on the road.


Very cheap. Suitable for small budget

Ease of use

It’s lightweight and simple to push around.


You are able to save a lot of time and your back while still able to clean up the garden with this Yardwise lawn sweeper. It is easy to push off and pick up leaves, lawn trimmings, twigs and other kinds of obstacles in every season.

With the support from multi-functional brushes, this machine will clean all the small obstacles on the garden. Moreover, height adjustment dial-in mode ensure that you can easily adjust the height of the brush by dial and bring the best results in all conditions.


Many owners complaints about this Yardwise 21 '' because the leaves usually fly out of the hopper when you are operating the machine. This is also the biggest disappointment of many people because the leaves still left on the ground, so you need to pick up by hand or pass back few times. The reason is because of the hopper too small. Besides, it doesn’t have the ability to handle the thick pile of leaves.

Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper



Not as good to pick up the big leaves or debris


Very cheap.

Ease of use

Lightweight to operate and storage.


This machine is a great choice for those has low budgets but still looking for an alternative solution to replace the rakes. Instead of wasting your spare time to raking the lawn. Why not save the time and your back with this lawn sweeper.

The highlight feature is that it is gentle to use. You can easily push it off every corner of the garden to collect small debris, cleaning your pretty little lawn. Moreover, it has an easy to remove and clean hopper than other competitors.

Additionally, it don’t create noise, headache, toxic gasses to protect your health and not to disturb your neighbors or family members


As we have said at first, this machine is a great alternative solution for replacing your rakes. But it is purely bad choice if you already own a huge lawn. Remember this for not making wrong decision.

This is because the machine has a small size. It means you have to push it with your strength. Therefore it only suitable for the small garden only. Also this machine has so small bag.

But the lightweight and easy to use feature is really worthy to consider again.


No matter what season, your lawn need to be caring thoroughly. Especially at the stage of cleaning up the leaves and obstructions coverage. Therefore, you should invest a lawn sweeper for handle this job unless you want to the raking become an obsession that you don’t want to remember. Choosing the best lawn sweeper very easy. Just follow our step and we’re sure you are not disappointed.

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