Best Lightweight Canister Vacuum (Reviews)


  • Who doesn’t like a neat and clean house? Yes, we all do! We all like our houses neat and clean. We want them to look spectacular yet organized, the fragrance to be just right. And we love the breath of fresh and familiar air of our homes.
  • Similarly, we want our drapes/shades/shutters/screens and even car interiors to neat and clean also. So much cleaning is not as easy and simple as it may seem, This means that there has to be an equipment that can help one manage this difficulty.
  • Vacuum cleaner has been the answer to this problem, These have been around for a long time. But every generation and model has had their shortcomings like being very noisy or heavy to move around. Some cleaners were too huge or lacked appropriate accessories reach these tight spaces and spots at homes or cars.
  • These were the problems of past because now we have a vacuum cleaner. Which is the best choice of this year by many reviewers and professionals to be the lightest as well. That’s why we make this list to share with you the best lightweight canister vacuums with full reviews.
  • Usually a house keeper gets completely drained after cleaning the house because dealing with the irritating long wire of the giant vacuum cleaners and their heavy weight makes it difficult to carry that canister vacuum cleaner from one corner of the house to the other and it also makes the cleaning task very time consuming. With easy to handle and small size canister vacuum cleaners cleaning becomes a play thing. Even your illness won’t be a hurdle in your house cleaning because these small cleaning devices give you an ache free and stress free house cleaning experience.

Best Lightweight Canister Vacuum (Full Reviews)

Compare the weight and mobility:

These are the top 9 canister vacuum that get many compliments from users and experts. With the weight only few pounds and long core, they're absolutely amazing to handle even the hard reach space in your house.

ModelItem Weight(pound)Mobility(core length)
Best Lightweight Canister Vacuum (Reviews)BISSELL Zing Bagged12.5cord rewindRead Review
Eureka AirExcel7.916.5 inchRead Review
Eureka Mighty Mite1020 inchRead Review
Oreck BGC20001115 FootCheck it out
Electrolux Ergospace10.921'Check it out
Hoover CH300008.333'Read Review
Best Lightweight Canister Vacuum (Reviews)Bissell 15478.3cord rewindRead Review
Best Lightweight Canister Vacuum (Reviews)Oreck CC16009.220 feetCheck it out
Hoover Platinum Collection12.825 footCheck it out


  • One of the biggest issues that people have had with their vacuum cleaners is the lack of mobility in them. Some of the cleaners have been so heavy. And it had been literally impossible for women and older people at home to carry them from one room to another room and even to their cars parked in the garage at home, let alone moving them to another floor or upstairs, which is utterly frustrating for people and a deal breaker for many of the customers.
  • These miniature genius have solved that issue for many people as well. These product are hugely customizable. It means it can be detached, attached to other accessories and be moved to virtually any of the places you want to take it.
  • Canister style means people will not have to bend down to clean the usual floors and stuff. Also small and light design means that almost all the customers will be able to carry them to other rooms, vehicles and even different floors of the house if they have.
  • Working with this fabulous cleaner is a breeze, it makes very difficult cleaning jobs look simpler and help you manage your cleaning problems in the greatest of ways. This can save you a lot of headache, trust me!!
  • Now that we have covered several very important aspects in choosing the best lightweight canister vacuum cleaner. It is time to talk about the most important part which is a decision making phase. Where the deal is either made or broken and that is the price.
  • It is not necessary that the more expensive product is the superior one. It is not only named as the lightest and the best vacuum cleaner of 2021. In fact, It’s one of the most affordable cleaners out there too. The bottom line then is that this is the most versatile. The lightest and the most mobile vacuum cleaner out there right now with an added bonus of being very affordable. What are you waiting for? Go and grab one to satisfy your cleaning needs before the stock runs out!!

Tips for getting the best results from the lightweight canister vacuum cleaners

  • Clean the filter of your compact vacuum cleaner to eradicate any blockage or dust clogging. Clean filter will give powerful and consistent suction power.
  • These vacuum cleaners creates suction hence keep your hairs tied. Moreover, they keep your clothes, fingers away from all the openings and working parts of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Make sure you are using it with the dust cup filter.
  • Keep your Vacuum cleaner in a dry area.
  • Empty the dust cup very carefully.

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