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Definitely this is a perfect cleaner that can forever be used on hard floors. It is unexplainable, how easy it is to use this equipment. I am used to very heavy canister cleaner that demands greasy elbows and can’t hold back the happiness I got while using C1. For sure it is a nice experience to use the least possible energy while carry out a difficult task like cleanliness. Most people encounter problems when cleaning hard floors. At one point I even imagined that such an equipment capable of cleaning hard surface at an ease, can never be designed! After encountering MIELE CLASSIC C1 CAPRI CANISTER VACUUM CLEANER REVIEW, I knew that thought was a complete fallacy.


  • The equipment has its optimum performance on hard floor and on rugs. At times, using it on carpeted floors is cool but does not produce much perfect result. I think this is because it does not have a beater brush.
  • To optimize it’s use completely, consider using it on hard flows. The floor brush used can always fit on it in all sorts of places fixed.
  • Also remember this device is not as ideal as someone may assume it to be. It works well under limited heights. To partially solve this problem, C1 requires a spinning brush, of which it cannot beat the other uprights without. To add on that, Classic C1 is really not designed to work with large areas of carpet. The reason being, its brush is not big enough and non-motorized as well. Whoever is purchasing should consider the kind of task he/she intends to undertake. Make sure the machine is set to do what it was actually purported to.
  • To achieve desirable outcome, I beg to give a simple caveat that is very essential; C1 has an air inlet valve. This inlet valve, can sometimes be clogged and may hinder the efficiency of the equipment. Remember suction is controlled using inlet valve. It is therefore the duty of the user to make sure that this valve is not blocked.



As mentioned earlier, this device is light. I think this is because, it is majorly made up of plastics. I can’t forget to mention the handles, they are pretty easy to hold and carry from one point to another. The beauty is that even assembling this equipment all together is never a problem. No rocket science is required in this, any layman can put the accessories together, perfectly and comfortably.


Special Design:

To move the equipment on the ground is also made easy. It is wheeled but still the design allow for easy navigation to make swift movements around the room. The retraction cord attached to it are long enough to permits the user maintain an upright posture while working with it. Other canister vacuum can do perfect cleaning almost same to what C1 does but then under certain circumstances, C1 proves to be the best. It can maneuver the room and get to those strategic places within the house where other upright vacuums could never have reached.

Able To Handle Carpet:

Apart from the perfect outcome seen while cleaning hard floors, Classic C1 can also clean carpeted surfaces. It can clean up rugged area as well. Initially, I used to be offended with the way other vacuum cleaners are misbehaving by pulling up the rugs while sucking. Fortunately C1 steps in to solve this problem once and for all. It is equipped with a button on the brush head. This can always be toggled easily by using the foot when one is changing surface. Very easy, if one is moving from bar floors and wishes to get to the rugs, he/she should not hesitate, just toggling the switch and watching the machine do the rest is all one needs to do.

I found it easy to work with Classic C1 on my carpeted stairs. The reason being, it was very easy to carry the equipment as I moved on the stairs.

Some vacuum canister are pretty hectic to use due to the unpleasant loud sound they produce while working. For Classic C1, it the contrary. The sound it produces is negligible. It is almost silent and someone can surely use it while comfortably listening to some sweet music in the room.



In summary, the Miele Classic C1 Capri Canister Vacuum Cleaner, Lotus white, is greatly important for any individual who values cleanliness and prefer doing it with less possible effort. To begin with, C1 is light. One can move along with it very easily from one point to another. Also, it has long retracting cords that can allow a person to work even at an upright posture. To add on, it produces low noise, almost silent! As if that is not enough, the device is well build and has air inlet valve. The air inlet valve as stated earlier, helps to reduce suction. At times too much suction is not required for it can end up sucking the rugs. Generally is the best equipment anybody would prefer.

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