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Sausage is a popular and favorite food of everyone. And if you are a big fan of sausage and have the desire to make unique and safe sausages for family or business, then investing a sausage stuffer is an extremely wise decision. The big advantages of the sausage stuffer are saving your time and creating fully and delicious sausages.

In this section, we summarize the useful information and experience for you to choose the best sausage stuffer that suitable for your demand and budget.

What Is a Sausage Stuffer?

Sausage stuffer is a simple kitchen appliance that assists saving your time and effort for stuffing sausage. Especially filling casing with meat. Normally, you will spend a lot of time for this process, but when using sausage stuffer, you only need a few minutes to have the nice sausages as same as restaurant.

Type of Sausage Stuffer:

Sausage stuffer has the manual and electrical type. While the manual supports in shaping the sausage and you still need to use your own strength to fill the sausage casing, the electric can automatically operate and reduce your sweat. Sausage stuffer usually has vertical and horizontal form. The difference is in the position of the piston-like cylinder, which is used to hold sausages. The vertical sausage stuffer is easier to use than horizontal form thanks to its high convenience, which suitable for both beginners and professionals. In order to choose the best sausage stuffer, we always give priority to products that can assist you saving the most time and effort, above the price.

How much is a sausage stuffer?

The sausage stuffer has different range of price basing on the capacity and quality. With small to medium sausage stuffers for home kitchens, it usually costs from under $ 100 to over $ 500. However, the large-size or industrial version can cost up to over $ 1000. But as far as we have research, you don’t need a huge budget to buy a sausage stuffer. With a budget from $100 to $250, you are able to find the effective and durable one.

What to look for to buy the best sausage stuffer?

There is a lot of information and specifications from the manufacturer make consumers confuse. And surely after a period of time researching, you’ll think that every product is all worth to buy. However, you don’t need wasting time, just consider these factors and you are able to choose the best sausage stuffer that really worth to invest.

Does the sausage stuffer durable to use for a long time?

Considering the sausage stuffer material and construction is very important. Because this machine often contacts to food, water, and detergents so if the machine is made from cheap material, the machine will very quickly to be deteriorated and affect to your health and food quality.

In all material, if the sausage stuffer you are researching is made of stainless steel is the best. Stainless steel is a popular metal material with good gloss, no rust, high durability feature even impacting and traction. A stainless steel sausage stuffer can guarantee maximum durability even if you use it regularly for many years.

Does it easy to use?

As we mentioned above, the sausage stuffer has manual and electrical type. And electrical form can save more time and effort than when using manual machine. But, the manual is usually cheaper and more suitable for home use. While the electrical type is appropriate for who need to make the large batches of sausage.

Besides, you should choose vertical machines as they are easy to use, compact and highly efficient. Don’t forget your purpose of buying sausage stuffer is saving time and effort but still create catchy and delicious sausages.

How many speed it has?

While some sausage stuffers provide only a fixed level of speed, many machines have two levels of speed (low and fast). With 2-speed sausage stuffers, you can easily adjust and use than others. For example, if you are beginner in making sausage, you can adjust the machine at slow speed mode to get try and learn way to use it. Or when you need to stuff a large amount of meat, setting the fast speed will save a lot of time.

Does it have air release valve?

If you've ever struggled with handling your sausages having too much air, then the Air release valve feature is a great way to get rid of air from your sausage batches. Make sure they are the most delicious after complete. Therefore, you should select the sausage stuffer that has this feature firstly.

Does the price fit your budget?

And the next important factor is whether the product price meets your budget. Some very good products but coming with the high price still worth to invest as they bring long-term benefits, not only temporary. However, in case your budget does not allow you to spend too much, you should choose the smaller or less function sausage stuffers before investing the better one later.

Do other owners give the product high rating?

It is difficult to know the quality of a product when you have not tried it. But it still has a quite effective way to evaluate an overview of a product before deciding to buy it. The fastest way is to refer the reviews from other users who have used this machine to see what pros and cons you can learn from.5 best sausage stuffer comparison:

Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage StufferSuper Deal Commercial 3L Sausage Filler Sausage Stuffer, 7LBLEM Products 5 Pound sausage stufferNew VIVO Sausage Stuffer, 3L/7LB 5-7 Pound Meat FillerHakka 7 Lbs(3 Liter) Sausage Stuffer Horzontal Sausage Maker
Air-released valveyesn/ayesyesyes
MaterialStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steelStainless steel

5 Best Sausage Stuffer Reviews:

LEM Products 5 Pound Sausage Stuffer Review:

Summary review:


Launched delicious sausages, with capacity up to 5 pounds


Affordable price

Ease of use

Extremely simple to assemble, use and clean

LEM Products 5 Pound sausage stuffer is our favorite sausage stuffer that we highly recommend for you. Not only is the price very affordable and durable, but also the easy to disassemble feature is convenient for moving and cleaning.


Stable and durable construction:

This machine has a base made of stainless steel and two clamps ensure the safety of use and long durability. In addition, all gears are made of metal to ensure the machine is solid than other competitive sausage stuffers.

Easy to use and clean up:

Because the machine is easy to remove, cleaning it after use doesn’t take too much time. It also saves space in your kitchen for storage.

Various stuffing tubes for use:

This sausage stuffer has a lot of size of stuffing tubes for various type of sausage you want to make: 1/2’’, ¾’’ and 1’’.


The plastic piston is easy to broken and rusted. So you need to change it after using a period of time.

New VIVO Sausage Stuffer, 3L/7LB 5-7 Pound Meat Filler Review:

Summary review:


Extremely effective even with big batches


Acceptable price

Ease of use

Easy to use and clean.


Stable-made to handle heavy-duty batches of making sausage:

This sausage stuffer has a simple but extremely sturdy design. The base has very solid made while the cylinder is made of high durability stainless steel. Furthermore, the gears and pistons are also made from solid metal. Therefore this machine is extremely suitable for those who need to stuffing sausages regularly because it is able to work extremely well even when you are making the large batches of sausage.

Easy to filling with tilts cylinders:

Filling the sausage case becomes extremely simple because the cylinders can be tilted and removed easily. This feature also helps to clean the machine easier and faster.

Included the air release valve:

One more important feature of this sausage stuffer is the air release valve assists trapped air to escape for making sure you can make sausage more efficiently.


Heavy to move and not space-saving:

Although this sausage stuffer is very good and extremely effective. But it seems pretty heavy to move around the kitchen. And it's also a bit cumbersome. This is the only weakness that we are not satisfied with this machine.

Super Deal Commercial 3L Sausage Filler Sausage Stuffer, 7LB Review:

Summary review:


Extremely effective even with big batches


Very affordable.

Ease of use

Easy to install and use.


Sturdy made that can handle heavy duty jobs:

This sausage stuffer comes with solidly designed, a barrel that can rotate 90 degrees and 3 liters capacity. Stainless steel material is very durable and sturdy with 4 nozzles on the base plate. The efficient and logical design helps you finish your sausage stuffing quickly in the shortest amount of time.

Included many stuffing tubes sizes:

This machine has a lot of size stuffing tubes those suit various sizes of the sausages you want to make: 2/3 '', ¾ '', 1-1 / 4 '', 1-1 / 2 ''

Easy to use for both beginner and professional:

This machine is not complicated but quite easy to install and use. In particular, it has two-speed control mode for using case by case. With the beginners, slow speed will help you avoid making wrong or mistakes. While the fast speed mode assists making the large batches of sausages quicker.


It's hard to find the part replacement when the machine has trouble

Hakka 7 Lb/3 L Sausage Stuffer Review:

Summary review:


Extremely good.


Very cheap to buy.

Ease of use

Simple for install, using and cleaning.


Smoothly operating:

This machine runs smoothly and not let you down. Although it make us hesitate at first because some of Hakka sausage stuffer did not receive the good rating, but this sausage stuffer is really impressive. It is capable of stuffing sausage faster even with large batches. Moreover, it is quite easy to assemble and adjust. Moreover, the 2-speed mode also helps user not be embarrassed at the first time using.

All stainless steel made:

If those sausage stuffers above are made from a variety of materials, this one is built entirely of stainless steel material from base plate, cylinder, stuffing tubes to canister. That means it ensures this sausage stuffer is capable of working smoothly for many years without fear of rusted or damaged. So you don’t have to worry about replacing parts of the machine soon because they are also very durable.

Included air release system:

In addition, this machine has an air release system that assists in making sausages more effective. Helps you stuff up delicious sausages like professional chefs.


Because it’s made from all metal so this machine has some sharp welds. So be careful when touching these parts.

Hakka 7 Lbs(3 Liter) Sausage Stuffer Horizontal Sausage Maker Review:

Summary review:


High quality and effective.


Affordable even for small budget

Ease of use

Super easy to use


Good quality, top design:

The robust design which is equipped with two fill rates systems. Especially all the parts that are used to process food are certified SGS food hygiene standard.

Super simple to use:

2-speed mode makes this sausage stuffer easy to adjust and use.

Space saving with horizontal type:

The horizontal design makes the machine quite compact and easy to store.


Lack of reverse lock

How to Use the Sausage Stuffer Properly:

Some users feel it inconvenient to use the sausage stuffer for the first time. So do not be afraid to spend a few minutes to watch the tutorial video right below to learn about the way to use sausage stuffer properly:

Useful Tips to Make the Mouthwatering Sausages:

  1. Prepare necessary ingredients and supplies you need
  2. Make sure all of your appliances and ingredients for sausage making be cold.
  3. Test your sausage mixture by cooking a small amount of it
  4. Try to be creative for the better sausage. If you want to try something new, just try it. You might not know how good it could be.

Final thought:

With the help of sausage stuffer, making sausage work reduces a lot of time and burden. Besides, you will enjoy the delicious and beautiful sausages after all. We hope you’ll find the sausage stuffer that best suits your budget and purpose. Don’t forget to check out more articles to help you improve cooking skills.

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