Best Tips for Cleaning a Car Interior

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Cleaning a Car Interior

When people think of car cleaning, the usually think of the exterior and the general looks of a car, but they often forget about what’s inside. But your interior is as important, because it could get really dirty, specially in the winter or if you are a teenager. Some people are just being sloppy or don’t have to do it, but if you postpone it for a few weeks or months, it will just get dirtier and in the end the damage done to your car interior could be irreversible.
What are the best tips for cleaning a car interior? Learn to do it yourself. Giving your car to professional cleaners might be a good idea, because they will do a splendid job, but if you do it every other week, you will be spending a lot of money. And the experience of doing it yourself or with some friends, is really unique – the feeling that you did something useful.

Tips for Cleaning a Car Interior:

What you’ll need:

  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments
  • A duster
  • Brush
  • Dashboard Spray (you can find it in your local store)
  • Regular window cleaner
  • Clean cloth

This is what you will need for the general cleaning. There will be more products if you decide to clean your car floor mats or if you have leather upholstery.
We will start with vacuuming the interior. Like every other cleaning activity, you start with removing the big particles. Vacuuming means, that you will remove all the dirt from the floor, from your seats and under the seats. For the different places use different attachments. You can clean the floor without one, but for your seats (if they are not leather seats) you can put you regular furniture attachment. Put it on higher power.
cleaning a car interior
For the dashboard you can use regular household products, that you use for your furniture at home, but I prefer more professional products, that are specialized for your car. They might be a little bit more expensive, but you will be using them for a long time. Get a clean cloth and the dashboard/upholstery spray. You can spray on the cloth or directly on the dashboard, I prefer on the cloth. Start cleaning the surface and repeat if you have to. It is not hard at all, but there are some hard to get places. That’s why you have a brush. With it you can clean the dust from the vents and other places like that.
The last step from your basic cleaning of your car interior is to clean the windows from the inside. You will need a regular window cleaner, that you use in your home. Some people use a squeegee, but a cloth can do the trick, too. Spray the windows and clean them with the cloth, and you are done.

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