Best Tower Fans 2020: Keep Calm And Be Cool

By Camelia Brown | Home & Garden Tools

A great tower fan is your best friend in the summer. Tower fans are a great option if you need to cool your room quickly and efficiently without having to run your air conditioner on full blast. Tower fans may be pricier than other fan types, but they are also generally more portable, lightweight and effective at keeping the room cool. Tower fans typically come as tall and slim units that stand upright (much like a tower) and will not take up much space in the room. Most tower fans oscillate to spread and circulate cool air throughout the room. Most tower fans also come with adjustable heights.

This summer, keep calm and cool with the best tower fans 2019 in town. Check out our top five picks of the best tower fans 2020 that are currently available.

What To Consider When Choosing A Tower Fan?

Price and warranty are some of the typical things we should consider when purchasing an electrical appliance. In addition to these, our research on the five best tower fans 2020 takes the following points into consideration.


The first thing you should consider is the size of your room. Generally, a high-powered model will circulate more air and be better equipped to cool a large space in a shorter amount of time. You can check out the product description of the tower fan for an estimate of the area it can cool.


As with all other household appliances, you want a tower fan that is easy to operate. Be sure to check out the controls that come with the tower fan. Are the controls easy to use? Is there a remote-control function? Is the tower fan sturdy enough for your needs? You don’t want to wind up with a tower fan that requires you to jump through hoops and hurdles just to get it to start.

Noise Level

The product description may not always give you information about the noise level produced by the tower fan. One good way to find out the noise levels of a tower fan is to read its online customer reviews. See what others have to say about the fan’s noise level and decide for yourself if this is a major concern for you.


How fast do you want your tower fan to blow? Do you want a tower fan that can change its oscillation direction? Many tower fan models today come with different oscillation settings. Some can turn from left to right while some can also turn up and down. If you want the option to change the airflow, be sure to check that the tower fan you intend to buy comes with that added function. Besides reading online reviews, you may want to test the tower fans in store. Another important thing that you should know is that the noise level of your tower fan may increase or decrease with changes to the oscillation speed. noise level may change due to the oscillation speed.


Material is an important consideration if you want a durable product. If you want a tower fan that will last, go for a metal tower fan or one that has stronger plastic parts.


Safety is an important concern, especially if you have children using the space. One key area would be the grate that covers the fan. Make sure that the gaps are not large enough for fingers to fit through. If they are, then make sure that the fan blades are not so hard and sharp that they would cut. Otherwise, consider getting a bladeless tower fan.


Some tower fans can double as air filters. If so, check if the tower fan uses ionization technology or an air filter. You should also find out how often the filters need to be changed and whether they can be cleaned and reused. All these play important factors in terms of the extra cost and time to maintain your tower fan.

Energy Savings

If the environment or your utility bill is a concern, you might want to go for an energy-efficient tower fan. Consider getting tower fans that come with sleep timers or automatic shut-off functions.


This may not be an important point if you don’t intend to move the tower fan around regularly. Otherwise, go for a lightweight and portable tower fan that can be moved around easily.

5 Best Tower Fans 2020

Best Tower Fan 2020 For Air Filtration
Lasko 2551 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan With Ionizer

The Lasko 2551’s Wind Curve profile and 42-inch height enables it to maximize air distribution for broad cooling throughout the room. In addition, the Lasko 2551 comes with the bonus of Lasko’s Fresh Air Ionizer technology that is certified by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and CARB-compliant. This means that you can be assured that your indoor spaces are not only kept cool, but also fresh and clean throughout the day.

The Lasko 2551 comes with three quiet speed settings with optional oscillation at high speed, medium speed or low speed. The adjustable louvers in the front grill of the tower fan controls the direction of the air stream that the tower fan emits during operation. The radius of the oscillation is about 90 degrees and it turns sideways from left to right. The tower fan can be remotely controlled; its multi-function remote control requires 2AAA batteries for operation.

For the environmentally-conscious, you will be glad to know that the Lasko 2551 has an energy-saving timer and the ability to auto shut-off for up 7.5 hours, so it will not continue operating when you don’t need it to. In terms of safety, the tower fan comes with an ETL listed, patented and fused safety plug. At 12.5lbs, this is a lightweight tower fan which also comes with an easy-carry handle so you can easily move the fan around your indoor spaces. The Lasko 2551 comes with a one-year warranty.

With over 5,000 4-star and 5-star ratings on Amazon, there is no doubt that the Lasko 2551 is worth your buck if you want a tower fan that has an air ionizer function. Priced just below $60, this is a great buy for a tower fan that comes with advanced functions without a hefty price tag.

Best For A Bladeless Option
Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 Tower Fan

For the best bladeless tower fan 2020, look no further from the Dyson Air Multiplier AM07. Unlike more conventional tower fans which come with fan blades, the Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 eliminates the hassle of cleaning dusty fan blades with its bladeless design. This is also a safer design if you are concerned about kids getting their fingers hurt by fan blades. No more choppy airflow either with this tower fan’s bladeless design.

The Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 uses its patented Air Multiplier Technology to project a high-velocity and uninterrupted stream of airflow to cool your indoor spaces. With its 360-degree smooth oscillation technology, this tower fan directs airflow around the room. With its streamlined air channels, you can enjoy reduced airflow turbulence from the Dyson Air Multiplier AM07, which makes this tower fan 60% quieter than its AM02 predecessor. Many Amazon customers have nothing but rave reviews about the quiet operation of this tower fan. Some have even remarked that the Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 is so quiet that they often forget that the tower fan has been turned on.

This tower fan can be operated with a remote control that allows you to choose from ten different airflow settings, set a sleep timer, turn the fan on or off and control its oscillation. For your convenience, the remote control can be easily stowed away on the tower fan itself. The sleep timer can be set to switch off the fan after preset intervals that can range from 15 minutes to 9 hours, allowing you to save energy through automated shut-offs during these preset intervals. At 9lbs, this tower fan is very lightweight and portable. Its ring-shaped opening makes it easy to clean since there are no troublesome grills or blades to wipe.

The Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 is not the cheapest tower fan on the market. Nevertheless, with its high-tech functions, two-year warranty and great reviews on Amazon, this is the best tower fan if you want a bladeless option and you can afford to splurge.

Best Tower Fan 2020For Whisper-Quiet Oscillation
Ozeri 3x 44-Inch Tower Fan

This is a fancy-looking tower fan that is 44-inch tall. Its height alone enables the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan to provide great airflow distribution throughout the room. However, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this fancy tower fan. The Ozeri 3x is equipped with canted fan blades with specially-designed blade curvature to produce opposing sound waves. This reduces blade noise significantly which is why the Ozeri 3x can boast of whisper-quiet oscillation.

Another cool feature of the Ozeri 3x fan is the three fans that can be controlled independently of one another and three fan speeds that this tower fan comes with, giving you up to nine varying cooling levels that come with a customized airflow for each level. The tower fan also comes with three preset airflow patterns that are designed to provide 90-degree oscillation that is as silent as whisper for the best air circulation that will help you sleep or relax better.

Like the above tower fans, the Ozeri 3x can also be controlled remotely. Its touchscreen LED control panel gives users convenient access to the tower fan’s features, including its energy-saving 7.5-hour sleeper-timer that can be set at 30 minute intervals.

Technical features aside, this fancy tower fan doesn’t disappoint with its stylistic innovations. The Ozeri 3x tower fan is one of the slimmest fans available at less than 3 inches thick. It also comes with an elegant reinforced glass base stand, which makes a stunning display for your indoor spaces.

Right now, Amazon is having a great discount for this tower fan and its price is just shy of $100, which is an awesome deal for a tower fan that bags so many features and functions with a one-year warranty. If you’re after a fan that offers a balance between airflow movement and low noise levels, the Ozeri 3x tower fan 2017 is the one that will satisfy your needs.

Best Tower Fan 2020 For An Economical Option
Brightown 14-Inch Personal Table Fan /
Ultra-Slim Office Tower Fan

If you are on a tight budget and you only need a small personal tower fan, then the Brightown 14-inch personal table fan is a tower fan that you should consider. This tower fan comes with all the basic features that are essential for a good working tower fan. For a mini tower fan, the Brightown gives off a lot of air flow and comes with six different settings: stationery (low, medium or high speed) and oscillating (low, medium or high speed).

Amazon customers have commented that the Brightown works perfectly as a desktop or bedside fan. Its ultra slim and lightweight design at just 3.6lbs makes it portable and a perfect accessory for your office or your bedroom, without taking up too much space. Safety wise, the Brightown tower fan is ETL listed.

Most complaints from Amazon customers are mainly focused on its noise level. Some found the tower fan too noisy for office use, though there are others who found it perfectly acceptable. Ultimately, for its affordable price tag, we would consider the Brightown tower fan a steal. What’s more, Amazon is having a discount on the Brightown tower fan at the moment and it costs a little less than $20 to purchase one. So, if you are on the hunt for the most economical tower fan 2019, you should definitely check out the Brightown tower fan. It’s frills-free (doesn’t come with a remote control or other fancy oscillation settings), but has all the necessary features for a good working personal tower fan.

Best Tower Fan 2020 For A Combo Pack Option
Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan Combo Pack

If one tower fan isn’t enough, it’s time to consider the Seville Classics Ultra Slimline Tower Fan Combo pack. This Seville Tower Fan Combo Pack comes with two tower fan units: a tall fan that is 39-inch tall and a personal fan that is 17-inch tall.

Both tower fans are equipped with ultra-speed quiet settings so you won’t even notice that the fans are in operation. The tall fan comes with four speed settings (high, medium, low and “eco”) while the personal fan comes with three speed settings (high, medium and low). The tall tower fan gives you elevated airflow that goes 13.5 inches above the ground. The personal fan, on the other hand, is a neat addition to your desktop, your countertop or your bedside.

Material wise, you can be assured that both tower fans are equipped with high quality metal housing and are made of hardened fire-resistant black satin ANS plastic. In terms of aesthetics, the tall fan comes accented with a stunning silver steel intake grill. In terms of durability, reviews by Amazon customers are mixed, but there are customers who have had great experiences with the tower fans, experiencing great usability even after two years of purchase.

Both tower fans are designed to be compact and ultra slim, each with footprints below 1 square foot. For the controls, you can operate the tall fan via a LCD remote which is also equipped with a timer feature for energy-saving purposes.

This combo pack comes with a one-year warranty. For a price range within $200 to $250 (including shipping), we think that this is the best tower fan 2020 combo pack if you are looking for a good two-in-one deal for the best tower fans 2020.


A tower fan provides several benefits, one of which includes air circulation. This is something that air conditioners may not be as capable of, especially in terms of lifting colder air from the room floor. This is where a tower fan can be a good addition to aid in air circulation. As mentioned earlier, it can also be a cost-saving alternative to keeping the room cool.

With our five top picks on the best tower fans 2020, we hope that you will find something that will cater to your needs. Whether you are an employer or a homeowner, we believe that there are tower fans available in the market that can best meet your requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Shopping is never more fun now that you have all the information you need to start selecting your ideal tower fan. Start with our top five now! Don’t miss out on the great deals that are available for the best tower fans 2020!