Dry Carpet Cleaning, What it is, How its Performed and Why it Works

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I had heard about dry carpet cleaning and cognitively I understood that it was probably a really good way to clean, and yet I had a bad attitude about it. Something in my head insisted that you must use water when you clean something. I decided to look into the details of how dry carpet cleaning methods worked to see if it sounded legitimate.

3 Effective Ways to Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are three ways to clean carpet with a dry product. You can use dry foam, bonnet cleaning, and dry compound or powder. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. It is important that you use the one that best suits your carpet. Always remember the important rule; spot test in a discreet place before cleaning the entire carpet!

Dry Foam, Like Old Carpet Shampoo But Better


Dry foam works a lot like good, old carpet shampoo. It must be rigorously scrubbed into the carpet in circular motions. It takes some elbow grease, or a machine with circular motion. The benefit over shampooing is that you don’t have to wait for it to dry. Also, it tends not to leave muchresidue to be vacuumed. Remember, it is very important not to leave residue because dirt can adhere to it.

Using Bonnest to Clean Your Carpet

Bonnet dry cleaning is not a completely dry process. A mixture is made with the cleaning product and carbonated water. The mixture is misted onto the carpet and then a rotating bonnet is used to scrub the carpet in circular motions and from side to side. It does not reach the very depths of your carpet. It is a good way to do in between cleanings, but you will want to alternate with a deep cleaning method.

Dry Compound and its place in Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry compound is another example of a method that is not completely dry. A powder-like, absorbent material saturates with a cleaning solution and spread on the carpet. The mixture must be scrubbed into the carpet with a brush. The dirt and other foreign material will adhere to the mixture. With no drying time, the mixture is vacuumed and the dirt goes with it. The lack of drying time is great for in between cleanings. But, this method doesn’t clean to the very bottom of your carpet pile. You will want to alternate with a more thorough cleaning method.

Little Time? Try Dry Carpet Cleaning

It turns out that my instincts were partially correct. Dry carpet cleaning has its place to clean your carpet with convenience when you don’t have time to wait for it to dry. However, to get it deep down clean, a water extraction method will do the job.

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