Honda EU2000i Review- Great Portable Generator As Advertised

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Summary review:


Great operating for providing enough power to your essential appliances


Reasonable price comparing to the quality

Ease of use

Extremely easy to use and change the oil.


Great customer service and warranty program.


  • Very lightweight to carry and using for outside activity.
  • Specific technology and design for the best performance.
  • Energy saving.
  • Easy to handle, quiet and health-friendly.


  • A little high cost than other models.

Honda EU2000i is an inverter portable generator that is able to provide enough power for your essential appliances for emergency backup. Besides, it’s a great source of power to take away when you go picnic, fishing, farming or any outside activities that need electricity. This portable generator receives many compliments and the high rating from owners and experts.

Who should buy Honda EU2000i?

  • Those want to prepare for the large-scale emergencies like tornadoes, flood plains,.
  • In case your places got a power outage event, a generator will keep your house/ business continue.
  • A great tool for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, gardening. Imagining your family go camping at the weekend and organize BBQ party, a portable generator can help a lot.
  • Contractors who have to work at the areas that have no electricity.

Why Honda EU2000i?

Even though there’s numerous of the portable generator on the market, the Honda EU2000i still stands out and trusted to use by many users. Because it has many highlights features that worth to choose:

  • Extremely quiet that completely beat all your generators before.
  • Stable operation without interrupt as other portable generators thanks to inverter technology.
  • Lightweight for taking outside without spending too much sweat and effort.
  • Saving energy and fuels.

Honda EU2000i Review:

Let take a full look at the strength and weakness of Honda EI2000i to find out if it’s your best portable generator or not.


Compact, portable to use and carry when going out.

Unlike other bulky and cumbrous generator products, the EU2000i is only weighed 46 pounds combines with a super lighter which compact design allows you to easily take it away during camping, bbq party, your work or anywhere.

Unique technology for the best operating:

The Honda eu2000i portable generators stand out with inverter technology. This technology applies to control the capacity of the machine, avoiding wasting unnecessary power. The basic principle of inverter technology is based on the control of the fluctuations inside the circuit boards. Therefore this Honda generator is able to optimize saving power but still ensure providing enough power output for your house appliances such as fridges, hair dryers, lighters, small AC units,…

Extremely quiet operating:

If you had used the generators before, you understood that they are very noisy when running. But this nuisance problem has solved with the Honda eu2000i. This generator works at 53-59 dB, as same as quiet urban/ daytime or large business office ( basing on

This feature is so great especially when you go camping and need quiet atmosphere to chat, play game or watching the stars,…

Health-friendly and easy to use:

The Honda eu2000i meets the stringent regulations for air quality with low emissions, called CARB Compliant. It means using this machine doesn’t cause the bad results for your health and environment around your residence.

Moreover, this generator is very easy to install and use from the beginning. Therefore, you don’t have to worry in case you need to assemble a complicated machine. Check out the video tutorial on how to set up this machine right below.

Fuel saving:

Another thing to love in this generator is how economic it can save for your budget. That’s because the Honda eu2000i operates through an exclusive system called Eco-Throttle. For simply, it means this system helps the machine runs 3.4 to 8.1 hours just with 1 single tank.

In additional, this portable generator features an oil alarm part that automatically shuts off in case of oil level down too low. It protects your machine and making sure it can last long for many years.

Double power with parallel capability:

This is one of the most remarkable features of Honda generators range. It is the ability to double the power output through a special kit that connects 2 identical generators.

That means if you own 2 honda eu2000i, you are able to connect them together and get up to 4000 Watt power output instead of 2000 Watt when using individual one. So, you don’t need to buy a big generator that costs a lot of money but still have enough power for the entire house in the emergency event.

Reliable warranty program:

Honda is one of the most reliable companies with many warranty center over the country. So it’s extremely easy to repair in case your machine in trouble. At Honda eu2000i, Honda provides up to 3 years warranty.


Price slightly higher than other portable generators. But I willing to pay more for a durable and good product than wasting money on cheap made one. And this machine is really a wise choice that worth to invest for your house.

Other Customer Reviews:

Other users give high rating and many compliments for this Honda EU2000i generator thanks to its effectiveness and convenience. The ratio of the negative review is just a few percent comparing to positive reviews. Most of the negative reviews are not satisfied with the noise level of this machine. Some owners assume that this generator is quite but it has not yet reached the level of quiet that they desire

You can also check other customer reviews on Amazon right here.


Which type of fuel is the best choice for the Honda EU2000i portable generator?

Choosing the wrong fuel can cause damage and less effective to your generator. For Honda's portable generators, the company recommends that you shouldn’t use fuel that has more than 10% ethanol because it will damage the engine's fuel by its easy-to-absorb-water feature.

How long the warranty last?

This generator has the 3-year warranty. So you can easily take it to any Honda warranty center in your local for repairing when something goes wrong.

Can you use it for charging the car battery?

The generator has a perfect 12V DC output for car battery charging. But you need to buy extra charger if you want to use it for charging your car battery.

Is 2000Watt enough for home use?

Many people feel that 2000Watt is too little to use. And indeed, this is just a portable generator, so that it will be as difficult to complete the job versus to other large generators. The 2000W capacity may not be enough for all your home equipment at the same time, but it still ensures that you can use some of your essential appliance such as stoves, lights, refrigerators, microwave,… In addition, with the ability to double the power, you can fully use two identical generators at the same time to provide double the power when needed. But still able to carry single generator when camping or going out.

Does this generator work with AC power tools?

Yes. This Generator has two AC outlets and a single DC outlet, so you can use it for AC power tools.

How to maintain the Honda EU2000i generator?

A generator needs to be care and maintained for lasting long. Similarly, the Honda EU2000i generators also require special maintenance to operate smoothly many years:

  • Keep your generator in a dry place so that it is not exposed to dust, dirt, moisture or slightly corrosive damage.
  • Clean it often with a damp cloth or soft brush.
  • Do not expose your generators to water.
  • When storing equipment for more than 30 days, you should empty the fuel or add fuel stabilizer to the tank and run through the system.
  • remember to run the generator for 10 minutes every 2 to 3 months.

Generator Safety Tips For You:


  • Remember to read all the manufacturers manual for understanding thoroughly all the safety rule when operating your generator.
  • Check out the oil levels of your generator. If the oil levels drop too low, running it may lead to damaging.
  • Dry and clean areas are ideal for storage your generators. Remember to store them in the easy place to take whenever you need to use it.
  • ALWAYS set up your generator outside. Because generators produce a lot of odorless carbon monoxide that is very dangerous for your body and can be fatal
  • Prevent electrocuting by attaching a ground wire to your generator to ensure proper grounding.
  • Make sure your hands always dry before touching or using the generators.
  • Always keep your generator dry. And remember to protect it out of water and wet conditions/ weathers. Because the moisture creates damaging and broke your generator quicker.
  • Connect the appliances directly to your generator.
  • Remember to set up your generator once a month even though you don’t have to use it at least few minutes to ensure the carburetor clean.
  • Use fresh and stabilized gas when possible.
  • Start your generator at least once a month and let it run for a few minutes. Moreover, charging the battery to get it ready when you need.


  • Never run your generator inside, especially near home's windows and doors.
  • DON'T use your generator in the rain or snow weather. Remember to prevent it from moisture.
  • Never adding more gas into a running generator. Remember to turn off your generator. When you need to refilling it, let it be cool.
  • Don’t storage your generator in the spaces that’s near fuel-burning appliances like natural gas water heater because it can lead to fire hazard.


The Honda eu2000i generator is a perfect choice for who are looking for a portable generator in special events. Not only smooth, quiet when operating but they also provide high efficiency when using. Moreover, it’s very durable to invest. So we thoroughly recommend to you the Honda EU2000i portable generator.

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