How To Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear In Just A Few Easy Steps!

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On a scoring summer day, the first place anyone will run to is certainly the swimming pool. A watery oasis to escape the heat and also a gathering for your friends and family to socialize, it is one of everyone’s favorite past-times in the summer. However, before you and your guests can cool off from the heat, you’ll have to perform routine care and maintenance. While it may seem incredibly troublesome, it actually doesn’t take you much time. We’re going to share with you on what you can do to keep your pool sparking blue.

Tip #1: Removing Unwanted Dirt And Debris

One of the most essential tools for anyone’s pool is a skimming net. It’s basically a long net that you use to sweep any floating debris on top of your water. We recommend skimming your pool at least 3 times a week. Collecting all the dirt and unwanted debris will make sure nothing disgusting is floating around for your guests to see. The best thing about this is that it’s incredibly cheap, and doesn’t take very long to do. In fact, only a few minutes of your time is enough.


Tip #2: Trimming Your Trees And Bushes

It goes without saying that you’ll often have trees and bushes nearby. As the seasons change, so do your surroundings. It’s very likely you’ll get a lot of debris falling onto your pool no matter what you do. We highly recommend that you trim your bushes and trees nearby. If it gets out of hand, another option is replacing the messy trees and bushes with a less-messy alternative. Taking the time to maintain your surrounding will ensure that there’s less debris for you to clean up later.


Tip #3: Clean The Bottom:

To make your pool crystal clean, you can use a best robotic pool cleaner which will automatically suck all the dust particles from water and also from the side wall of the pool that you weren’t able to previously clean, which is not only effort less but also saves your time. Keeping your water clean and its surroundings clear are also important.

Tip #4: Balance Your Chemicals Without A Chemistry Degree

You don’t need to become a chemist to be able to balance the chemicals in your pool. Ensuring that your pools’ chemical levels are balanced are incredibly crucial to maintaining its cleanliness as well as sanitizing the pool properly for your family and guests. We recommend that you test your pool chemistry at least once a week with a pool chemical testing kit. The first thing we recommend you adjusting is the acidity level, or the pH level. Make sure that it’s between a level of 7.2 and 7.6. If it’s not within that range, purchase the necessary items to balance your water’s chemicals.


Tip #5: The Mother Of Everything Clean—Chlorine

IF you’ve ever wondered how people keep their pools clean, then it’s no secret. Almost everyone uses chlorine to kill bacteria and diseases that live within the water. While the smell of chlorine is highly unattractive, adding it to your water is a must. The last thing you want your guests and family to have are infections from having a good time in the water.

Tip #6: Shocking Water Doesn’t Have To Be Lethal

For the people that shock their pools often, the golden question that comes to mind is: “How often should I shock my pool?” The answer to this question is that it depends, but basically whenever it is needed.

Shocking the pool is adding either chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to your pool to remove bacteria and kill algae to keep your pool clear. The goal of shocking your pool is increasing the chlorine levels to a level where it can destroy algae and bacteria that’s sprouting from the pool. Doing so ensures a clean and safe swimming experience that’ll help kill all contaminates in the water.

Tip #7: Use A Pool Filter

Our final tip for any pool owner is using a pool filter to help you care for your pool regularly. A pool filter is a key player in helping you sanitize your pool and keeping it looking crystal clear. Skimming will only help you so far as it doesn’t remove bacteria and other debris on a microscopic level. However, a pool filter is excellent for taking on that task. Don’t forget that installing a pool filter means that you’ll also have to care and maintain for it too. We highly recommend that you clean out your filter at least once a week to remove all the trapped dirt and debris. This process is called backwashing and it involves flushing water through the system in the opposite direction of everything flowing into the filter.

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