Miele Complete C3 Limted Edition Review and Comparison

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Miele C3 Limited Edition – Does It Worth To Invest?

Do you feel tired of using the cheap-made vacuums which had broken after using few times? And you understand that even though the price is the most significant factor when choosing a product. The last thing remains, after all, is the quality.

If those are your feelings, what you need right now is a high-end vacuum that can be sure to use for many years without trouble, giving you the whole new experience in how to relax the cleaning tasks should be. Then, Miele c3 limited edition vacuum is the perfect one for you.

Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Review:

What To Love?

Excellent deep-cleaning from floor to carpet:

Cleaning carpet and hardwood floor usually take the much sweat and efforts. Dusting gets stuck into the carpet is very hard to remove and cleaning hardwood floor required the very gentle way to not scratching or damaging it.

But, the Miele c3 limited edition comes with the rotating roller STB 205-3 Turbobrush that allows to cleaning and keeping all the dust and dirt in multiple types of floors and carpets. The 3D bumpers also prevents the machine to damaging or scratching your floor while cleaning.

Moreover, the Completely Sealed System makes sure the air flow will pass through the system from hose to attachments and give users the best cleaning performance. It can retain up to 99.9% of lung damaging particles, dust, and dirt in the vacuum. Therefore, you can save a lot of your precious time and effort but still get the most efficient cleaning house result.

Super durable to use from year to years:

Durability is the most significant difference from Miele and other vacuum brands. While most of the cheap vacuums are built to last from few months to few years, all Miele vacuum cleaners have tested during the manufacturing process to ensure they can be equivalently used for up to 20 years.

Besides the quality commitment, Miele C3 limited edition vacuum provides 7-year warranty on the motor. That means when choosing this canister vacuum; you are investing in the long-term product, which can help you keep your house clean and out of the dirt for many years without wasting a lot of time and effort.

Powerful suction and quiet running:

Combined with the TurboBrush, the powerful 1200 Watts motor provides super powerful suction to cleaning every corner in your house from bare floor to stairs and carpets.

Also, unlike other electrical products, the Miele C3 limited edition has extremely whisper quiet operation not to disturb other activity in your house like watching TV, listening to music or talking with your family members.

Specific design for various surfaces with the 6-stage of speed setting:

The high-end 6-speed setting through +/- foot switch pedals controls is another reason you will love this vacuum. This easy-to-control feature allows the user to change the appropriate operating mode for the Miele C3 limited edition canister vacuum with the different type of surfaces.

Telescopic wand from stainless steel for reaching the hard-to-clean areas

Some hard-to-reach spaces like house corners, ceiling, fans or under furniture are the huge problems every time you are cleaning the house. However, with the super large operation radius 36 feet and the stainless steel telescopic wand, this vacuum enables to work on any surface and areas.

Its compact and lightweight design also ensure you can easily move it around the obstacles or furniture during cleaning process.

Included cord retracting:

One more thing to love in the Miele C3 is it’s convenient to collapse and storage after use. The one-touch cord rewind feature helps you storage and clean the vacuum easier and faster.

Complete attachments:

The Miele C3 limited edition includes 3-integrated accessories: dusting brush, crevice nozzle and the upholstery tool for supporting your cleaning task.

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Lack of HEPA filtration system:

This machine doesn’t have the HEPA filter. So in case you have allergies problems, you should equip the additional HEPA filters.

Not a perfect choice for pet owners:

This Miele canister vacuum is not the best option for pet owners. Therefore, if you want to find a vacuum cleaner for pet, you can check out the Miele C3 Marin vacuum.

Miele Complete C3 Limted Edition Review and Comparison to Miele C3 Marin

Miele C3 limited and Miele C3 Marin all fall under the complete category. This give them an advantage to compete effectively in the market by offering complete services to the consumers. I have purchased two Miele Complete canisters (C3 limited and C3 Marin) and what I can see is great similarities between them.

The beauty with these canisters is that they all have upgraded features compared to The C1 or The C2. These two canisters have very unique features that make them efficient and very effective to use. We make this Miele Complete C3 Limted Edition review and comparison for helping you got the comprehensive sight.



They all have +/- buttons. This is an important foot switch control. The control greatly help to the level of power on the surface being cleaned. I am told that this has shown a great technological advancement from C2 and C1 series.

They used to have a rotary dial control. I think this a recommendable improvement in the technology. It appears to be extremely tedious for those individual who have not accessed any of these canisters; either Limited Edition or the Marin canister vacuum cleaner. Adjusting the suction power from different surfaces is now easier and more efficient.

If someone was to use a rotating knob to control suction power, two frustrating events will affect the person. First, accuracy is not achieved. The knob is not digitalized and therefore not completely automated. It require some manual operation and keen observation to get the correct level of suction which in many a times, it is not always achieved.

But fortunately, the two Canisters in this case have this digitalized control. This an extremely wonderful technology that is worth appreciation. By pressing the + button, suction power systematically increases until the desired power is achieved. Also, pressing – button, power is reduced until the right one is obtained. This ensures accuracy and reliability of the machine. Secondly, it would be tedious to operate, were it not for +/- control. This is so because of the energy and concentration required while adjusting the machine. The limited Edition and the Marin are completely out of this problem

Other Features:

They both have a 36’ operating radius. They have a telescopic stainless steel wand. These two vacuums can obtain an operating radius of 36 feet! Initially before technological advancement, canisters present had very short cords that were infuriating during the cleaning progress. As at now, the process has been made both simple and faster. One can maneuver easily through obstacles while holding the long cord and direct it to any place with the room. This also implies that every place within the room can be reached, including the so called hard to reach places. Hard to reach places are those areas within the room that are always assumed.

Those places include; areas under furniture, far cornered places in the room, and places close to the ceiling. With 36’ operating radius, a long cord is provided that perfectly clean all those sections. An advantage to this technology is that, the cord attached to the steel wand is flexible enough. This means, it is very easy to tilt the cord in any direction and make proper cleaning any surface you would wish for.


Apart from that, they all have the three integrated accessories. These includes; dusting brush, standard upholstery tool and standard crevice tool. These three tools are very necessary and are of great importance. The dusting brush works to ensure that no dust sticks around. Upholstery tool on the other hand, serves to ensure that all the soft padded covering on our furniture are perfectly cleaned and well maintained.

They all have quiet encapsulated motor. This advances in technology have greatly credited these two machines. As at now, no one is willing to purchase a machine that is too noisy. The encapsulated motor technique is an encroachment in design that permits for operation at very minimal sound production. Ideally, the machine is almost silent. It is very convenient to use C3 limited in a room where you have your pets sleeping, and you don’t want to bother them. Imagine, you can initiate cleaning process, and finish the entire activity before they detect your presence. It is as silent as that.

Also, they both the Delux ergonomic handle. The manufacturers were really very right to call this ergonomic. For sure those handle are highly efficient. One does not get tired while using them. Furthermore, they help to save time and make work completely easier.

Other similar features of the two machines includes having a one touch cord rewind on both, having 3D Bumper and having enhanced silence insulation. Of Couse, I cannot forget to mention that they both have parquet floor tool. This tool servers to ensure a rotation of 1800 to offer an extraordinary agile cleaning for all smooth flooring.


Miele Complete C3 Limited Edition Review

Apart from all those similar properties we have seen above, there exist some distinct features that completely differentiates the two devices.


To begin with, Miele Complete C3 Marin has an electro comfort electro brush. This brush portrays a great design and a faultless advancement in canister development technology. It can effectively clean different levels of carpeted surfaces. If cleaning is performed on low to medium pile carpet surfaces, maximum device throughput is realized. At time, user might feel like subjecting it to high carpeted surface. This would still work well, only that the cleanliness obtained will not be of high quality as compared to a person working on low to medium height carpeting.

While on the other hand, Milele Complete C3 Limited uses an STB205-3 Turbo Brush. In this case, the electro comfort brush appears to be appealing than Turbo brush because it is more automated. I dint mention that electro comfort brush is electrically driven with a swivel neck designed to facilitate easy maneuverability. Now it terms of brush, I will always prefer C3 Marin. That technique of automation espoused by the manufacturers is extremely beautiful and more promising as well. You don’t have to engage a lot of manual abilities when this brush is fitted. It makes work easy and more enjoyable. The difference in brush is always discernible even from a far distance. Even a half minded person is not expected to confuse between these two cleaners. By looking at the brush great difference is realized.

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HEPA filter:

Apart from that, C3 Martin contains HEPA filter. High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, helps to achieve maximum filtration and air sterilization. This also is another great technique that has not been incorporated in C3 limited Edition.

The HEPA filtration comes with another device; The HEPA filter change indicator. This device is obviously not present in C3 Limited Edition. On the other hand, we can never despise C3 Limited Edition for not having HEPA filter. It is fitted with the Active Air Clean filter which is not very strict during the filtration process. But this is perfectly designed for efficiency of its intended purpose.

Economically, Limited Edition appears to be pocket friendly. You don’t have to incur additional costs of buying and maintaining the HEPA system. Absence of HEPA filter change indicator implies that the user is freed from all the care responsibilities that entail proper care and maintenance of the item.


Also, a big difference is shown in the functioning capabilities of the two machines. The C3 Marin can effectively work on low, medium and high pile carpeting. It can also work well on hard floors, wood floors and smooth floors. Generally it will be right to say that C3 is a completely designed device capable of cleaning almost every surface. Manufactures have recommended that the device be used in the surfaces the user intends to clean, as long the necessary adjustments are made while shifting from one surface to another. On the other hand, C3 Limited Edition is not able to effectively work in all the surfaces. Mostly, it is advisable that the device should be used on rugs, low pile carpeting and hard floors. In this case again C3 Marin prove to be more important and advantageous.

Automatic Features:

Furthermore, there is a modus operandi difference in these two great devices. The C3 Marin Demonstrates more automation than C3 Limited Edition. It has an automatic motor setting. While moving from hardwoods to a carpeted surface, the motor automatically reduces the suction which is later increased when a transition towards smooth surface is made.

When we talk of automatic, remember we mean to say the equipment has the ability to detect nature of surfaces and automatically takes necessary action to adjust the suction power. For sure this technology has revealed great computerization at cleaning level. User are no longer expected to keep on monitoring how suction power. The equipment does that alone giving users enough time to concentrate on the entire cleaning art. Perfect cleaning is obtained with less time and energy involvement.

On the other hand, it appears to be more hectic to use C3 Limited Edition because it lacks automation. Users have to keep on monitoring the suction rate. Adjustments must be done when moving from low pile carpeting towards rugs. To add on that, users must also ensure that proper tunings are done when a transition is made from hard floors to rugs.


C3 Limited Edition and C3 Marin have both similarities and differences. Similarities are realized from both part of the equipment functionalities and features. These device are similar because they both have a 36’ operating radius, +/- foot switch and similar accessories placed on board. Differences are seen in the way they function. In that, C3 Marin can operate in almost all the surfaces while C3 Limited Edition can only operate best in specific surfaces.

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