ProTeam Super Coach Hepa Backpack Vacuum Review

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A combination of good idea and technology leads to a perfect innovation. That innovation leads to a perfect product. And CrowleyJones EVPRO-W Eye-Vac Professional Vacuum Cleaner is one such perfect product which is a combination of a good idea and technology. This product is easy to use and lightweight. It will lead you to an all new cleaning experience. Let see what to love about it with the CrowleyJones EVPRO W Eye Vac Professional Vacuum Cleaner Review.



  • Super Coach is versatile and flexible for both personal and commercial use.
  • It is a powerful and fast vacuum with great suction.
  • It has a long extension cord for a better cleaning experience.
  • Its backpack design makes it quite maneuverable and less straining to operate.
  • It is bagged. Emptying the vacuum bag is not messy.


  • It’s relatively costly.

First Impression:

  • Heavy cleaning tasks calls for equally able vacuums designed to conquer large scale cleaning. Commercial cleaners need productive powerhouse vacuums that measure up to the intensive cleaning programs. ProTeam Super Coach Hepa Backpack Vacuum Review takes an in-depth look at a cleaning tool powerful enough to handle heavy cleaning assignments.
ProTeam Super Coach Hepa Backpack Vacuum Review
  • The Super coach vacuum is suited for intensive environments, typical in building contracting, large conference rooms, education centers and many large square footage areas that require utmost cleanliness. It is however usable in a home environment as well.
  • The vacuum is highly maneuverable. Weighing only 11 pounds, it is half the weight of most typical uprights, (ideal for carrying on the back) but has a performance that outmatches many of them. It comes with a powerful high filtration unit, essential for thorough cleanups on any surface.
  • The versatility of this vacuum gives the cleaner complete command over surfaces ranging from the ceiling, floors and technically anything in between them. Its fully loaded detail cleaning accessories include a long extension cord, easily maneuverable wand, and an array of tools for different surface cleaning.

ProTeam Super Coach Hepa Backpack Vacuum Review

What are the features that make this vacuum a valuable asset for cleaners? What are the benefits that justify its price tag apart from its durability?

Powerful and efficient:

The raw cleaning power that this vacuum produces is enough to tackle any type of cleaning activity. It gets the job done quite fast. The Super Coach will clean a 2500 square foot space in a record 20 minutes, while an upright would take double the time to complete the same job.

This makes it the right candidate vacuum for cleaning huge tracts of surface. With a 50 foot long cord, the vacuum will literally give the cleaner a reach that is long enough to clean a whole house without unplugging.

Easy to operate:

ProTeam Super Coach Hepa Backpack Vacuum Review

The design is user friendly. The backpack is light on the cleaner’s back. It balances its weight evenly on the back for a comfortable experience. The cord does not get in the way of the cleaner while working. The backpack design allows a comfortable cord management without tripping over the cord or getting it tangled up.

Its telescoping wand is adjustable in height. This gives users the ability to customize it to fit their height profiles for working comfort.

Cleaning stairways using this vacuum feels like a walk in the park. Its fair share of included cleaning attachments gives the cleaner complete control over dirt and debris on any scale.

An integrated tool belt helps the cleaner to keep the attachments within reach while cleaning for easy shifting between different cleaning modes.

Multiple surface cleaner:

ProTeam Super Coach Hepa Backpack Vacuum Review

The Super Coach backpack will clean just about any surface. Included in its arsenal of attachments are;

An Upholstery Tool:

This all-purpose tool will take on the daunting task of furniture cleaning with amazing results.

Soft Dusting Brush

This gentle brush allows cleaners to get rid of dust from lampshades, window seals, ceiling fans with ease.

17-inch Crevice Tool

This lengthy tool will reach the tightest spots and hard to reach places that need sprucing up, without straining the cleaner.

Floor Tool

A Xover floor tool is essential whenever hard surfaces and low pile carpets need to be cleaned. It works magnificently to get the stubborn dirt off any surface it works on.

Four level filtration

HEPA Media filters on the Pro Team Super Coach Vacuum make is well suited for homes with pets that shed, and asthmatic people. The filters on this vacuum guarantee the capture of 99% of allergen and asthma triggers from any surface.

Pet owners tired of using the broom and dustpan to get rid of hair will find solace in this vacuum. It is conveniently adapted to catch the invisible debris that is larger than 0.3 microns.



  • Check the intercept Micro Filter before and after vacuuming and replace if necessary. Clogged filters may cause overheating. They also reduce the suction as the airflow becomes compromised
  • Hand/machine wash the cloth filter once a month or as necessary and let it air dry.
  • Clean the dome filter once a week or as necessary.
  • Replace the pleated dome filter every 6 months.


While the ProTeam Super CoachVac HEPA Commercial Backpack Vacuum isn’t the cheapest choice of vacuum, it is a powerful and durable machine that is very reliable. Its portability and ease of use is a result of a backpack design that allows the cleaner to move with ease when working. It beats many uprights in specific tasks and is capable of dealing with various cleaning tasks. This is a vacuum that is definitely worth the price it sells for.

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