Quick and Easy Garage Organization Ideas You Must See

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Getting your garage in order need not be a dreaded task. Sure, it may be difficult to overcome the inertia and get yourself started, especially if your garage already resembles a warzone right now. With a few organization ideas and tips, however, it is possible to spruce up your otherwise dull and cluttered garage without it being too difficult, time-consuming and expensive. In this article, we will share with you quick and easy garage organization ideas, tips from home improvement experts and garage storage ideas to utilize your garage space more efficiently and effectively. Give them a try. You may be surprised that decluttering your garage can turn out to be a satisfying experience!

Garage Organization Made Simple

Start Sorting and Labelling

Sorting and labelling is a good way to start organizing your garage. Group like items together: garden tools, home maintenance and repair supplies, pet food and toys, sports equipment, vehicle spare parts, etc. and throw on a label. That way you will know where your items are stored and you can locate what you need easily without having to comb through the entire garage. This can be especially helpful if the storage boxes are not transparent—you can save yourself the hassle of having to open the box to check what items it contains by simply referring to the label. You can sort and arrange your items in labelled boxes, drawers, shelves, pails, tubs and many other storage spaces.

1. Drawers:

Drawers can be a good option for storing items that are too bulky for bins but not large enough to justify storing them in cabinet shelves. This can be items like twine, tape, wire cables, etc. You can affix a chalkboard outside each drawer for easy labelling that can be erased and updated to reflect changes to the drawer contents. If your drawers are chalk-friendly, you can also label the drawers directly. 

2. Plastic Tubs:

Plastic tubs can be a quick and neat solution to garage organization. Their compact shapes make for easy stacking and they can fit into most shelving units. Even with transparent plastic tubs, labelling the tubs can make it easier for you to know what the tubs’ contents are at a glance. You can use plastic tubs to store larger items like your home improvement tools and repair equipment. If you use your garage for your craft work, you can also use plastic tubs to store your craft supplies: decorative pieces, rims of ribbons, paint, paint boards, etc. (Rookietorockstar – Garage Organization)

3. Jars:

For smaller items in your garage, plastic or glass jars may be a better storage alternative. If you store small items like nails and screws in bigger boxes or drawers, there’s a chance that these items may get lost or buried beneath other larger items. If you have nails and screws of different specifications, you can group them accordingly, store them in different jars and label the jars. For better space utilization, you can mount the jars under storage shelves in your garage. To do that, use two screws to affix the lid of the jar under the shelf and screw on the jar. When you need to use the stored items, you can unscrew the jar lid to retrieve them. Alternatively, you can also create your makeshift side plastic holder by cutting away half of the plastic jar with the neck intact, and then attaching the lid and the jar to the side of a cabinet or a shelf for quicker access to the stored items. If space is a constraint for your garage, this can be a good space-saving solution without compromising on the ease of access to small items like your nails and screws. You can found the detail here.

4. Pails / Buckets:

Labelled pails or buckets can be another affordable but effective storage system to organize items in the garage. One good example here would be using labelled metal buckets to arrange and store your children’s toys so that it’s easier for you to find and clean up the toys. (Domestic Charm – Organizing Outside Toys) Besides toys, labelled pails can be a good method to organize an assortment of long-handled tools like brooms, mops, shovels and other home maintenance or garden tools.

Create Designated Zones in Your Garage

To maximize your use of the garage space, you can carve out zones within your garage and designate them for different purposes. (EasyClosets – 6 Garage Zones for Maximum Organization) The following are EasyClosets’ suggested garage zones. You can customize them accordingly to suit your own needs.

Transition Area

Some people have a mud room to keep jackets and muddy shoes before entering their home. The transition area takes this concept further. Basically, this is the area for you to store all the items that you take with you or take off when you are leaving and entering your house. Install shoe racks and hanging hooks for your shoes, coats, bags, etc. Since this is a transition area, we would recommend positioning this right by the door for easy access when you go in and out of your house.

Storage Area for Need-It-Now Items

If you store daily home-use necessities like bulk food items, canned goods and pet food in your garage, you can consider consolidating these items in a designated area near the entrance to your house for easier access. Storing such items in your garage can be a good way to free up space in your pantry and kitchen.

Storage Area for Long, Tall and Thin Items

For long, tall and thin items, consider designating a wall area to hang and keep these items. If you are tight on garage space, this can be a space-saving method to organize and keep your shovels and other long-handled tools—you don’t need to buy a closet that will take up more space in your garage.

Storage Area for Large Items

For bulkier items that are hardly used, you can consider having them stored higher up and out of the way from other more frequently used items. Camping equipment, seasonal sports equipment like your ski gear and holiday decorations can be stowed away on top of cabinets or corner storage spaces. This frees up space that is more accessible for you to keep other more frequently used items.

Storage Area for Frequently Used Items

Frequently used sports gear and garden tools can be placed near your garage door so that you can easily reach for them when needed. These include bicycles, badminton rackets, roller blades and items like shovels, rakes and bird feed if you keep your pet bird in your garden or your yard.

Your Workspace

If you have a spacious garage, you can also consider creating a workspace zone in your garage. It can be art and craft, gardening, wood work or anything else that you fancy as a pastime. Having a workbench, cabinets and shelves will give you good options for storing your materials and workpieces.

Tips from the Experts

Don’t Put Off Organizing Your Garage

We all know that Rome was not built in a day. Likewise, it takes time and commitment to keep your garage clean and organized. Putting off garage organization will not make the clutter in your garage disappear— you will simply be delaying the inevitable and end up with more work to clean up the accumulated mess. Instead of allowing your garage clutter to snowball, we would suggest trying the following expert tips by Garage Living to get started and maintain the momentum when it comes to cleaning and organizing your garage 

Organize When You Move In

One common excuse with organizing your messy garage is that you don’t know where to begin. If you have neglected your garage for a long while, you are likely to procrastinate more. A good tip to avoid such a situation altogether is to organize your garage as soon as you move in to your home. Even if you don’t have many items to store in your garage when you’ve just moved in, putting storage systems in place can be a good way to help you stay organized, especially when you start accumulating more things in your garage over time. It can be as simple as having shelves and racks in your garage. For a more elaborate approach, you can also start by planning your garage area and dedicating different zones for different purposes as suggested earlier.

Allocate Time for Your Garage

Allocating time for garage organization is a good way to stay committed to dealing with your garage. Whether it is a daily, weekly or monthly affair, establishing a regular routine to organize your garage can help you stay consistent and break down the work into more manageable “bite-sized” tasks. Instead of saying you have no time to handle your garage, try making time for it. The time spent to get your garage in order has its pay-offs— think about the time you can save when it comes to locating the items you need in your garage.

Start Small

If garage organization seems too daunting and overwhelming, try starting small. Perhaps you have neglected your garage for a long time and it is really messy and cluttered. You can start cleaning up and organizing a particular area before moving on to eventually cover the entire garage. If you are planning your new garage space, you don’t have to be overly ambitious if you don’t have the time. You can start with a few basic garage organization solutions like putting in shelves, racks and hangers. Start with simple DIY projects if you do not have much experience with handy work. Taking small positive steps towards garage organization makes the whole thing less challenging so you are less likely to end up feeling overwhelmed and defeated.

Pick Solutions That Work for Your Garage

There are a myriad of garage organization ideas and tips on the Internet and there’s no need to subscribe to all of them. Pick solutions that work for your own garage. Here are a couple of expert tips to help you when it comes to selecting effective garage organization solutions for your space.

Consider Your Garage Space

Even if your garage is small, there are still ways for you to maximize the available storage space. Wall and vertical storage solutions are potential storage ideas to better utilize your garage space. These take up less space than cabinets and closets, and they can be just as effective as storage solutions for items like your repair supplies, sports gear and yard tools. As professional organizer Lisa Mark says, use the architecture of your garage to your advantage. (The Spruce – The 5 Best Garage Storage Solutions)

Consider Your Budget

For the budget-conscious, garage organization solutions need not cost a bomb. You can give a new lease of life to your unused boxes and your old cabinets and shelves by repurposing them for your garage storage needs. Instead of store-bought garage organization systems, you can also create a homemade system, possibly for a fraction of the cost. If you need to park an extra vehicle in your garage, adding a four-post parking lift to your garage may be a more economical solution instead of opting for a costly renovation to expand your garage space. (Garage Living – Garage Organization Solutions: Avoid These Common Excuses And Get Organized)

Must-See Garage Storage Ideas

Space Utilization for Better Storage

Here are some space utilization methods that you can consider to take advantage of your garage space and set up an effective storage system.

Wall Storage

You can put your wall to good use by installing shelves, racks, hooks, etc. to store some of your garage items. Hanging items takes up minimal or no floor space, freeing up your garage floor room for other larger items. Long-handled tools, sports gear, hoses and sprinklers can be hung on racks or hooks against the wall. For items that are hard to hang (e.g. cleaning supplies, fertilizers, gloves, etc.), you can keep them in floating storage bins attached to the wall. (Familyhandyman – Garage Storage Solutions: One-Weekend Wall of Storage)

Ceiling Storage

To save floor space, you can also consider utilizing your garage ceiling. With a few storage bins and a tracking system, you can create an overhead sliding storage system. You can keep seldom-used items in the ceiling storage system. Things like your holiday decorations, seasonal sports gear, camping equipment, etc. can be stored in the overhead storage bins and free up floor space for easy access to your frequently used items. (Familyhandyman – Create a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling) If you have the budget, you can choose to order overhead storage platforms— Monkeybarstorage offers customized overhead garage storage solutions. (MonkeybarstorageOverhead Garage Storage)

Utilize Small Spaces

Don’t dismiss the small spaces in your garage. You can add corner racks or shelves to utilize corners in your garage. If you have space under your workbench, why not utilize it and fit a wheeled cart underneath to store your tools? This can be a good way to have easy access to your tools when you need them and to keep them out of sight when you don’t. (Startwoodworking – Roll-Away Workshop)

Storage Solutions

Choosing appropriate storage solutions can go a long way in helping you get your garage in order. Here are some ideas that you can consider.

Bicycle Rack

Instead of throwing away old pallets, you can use them to make a bicycle rack for your garage. Pallets are cheap to purchase and you can buy them from workshops or hardware stores if you don’t have any at home. if you don’t have a couple of pallets laying around, they are really inexpensive and give you the perfect opportunity to better organize those bicycles. For an assembly-free option, you can try leaning two pallets together, one on the ground (top side facing down) and the other on the wall (top side facing the bicycles). You just have to lean the pallets together, one on the ground and one on the wall. Then just park your bikes into the open sections. For a sturdier option, you can cut one of the pallets in half, position a pallet half perpendicular with the second whole pallet, overlap them sufficiently to create slots for parking your bicycles, and then screw these pallets together from the back to keep them together. (Lifehacker – Transform Old Pallets into a Cheap, Sturdy Bike Rack)


Cabinets are a good way to keep the garage neat with your items stored away from sight but accessible when needed. There are many options out there for ready-made cabinets. If you’re feeling up to the job, you can even make and install your own garage cabinets. This gives you the freedom to customize your garage cabinets according to your needs without the cost of ordering customized cabinets from the store. (Familyhandyman – Installing Large Garage Cabinets)

Storage Baskets / Storage Bins

You can install storage baskets or storage bins against your garage wall to utilize wall space for items that are hard to hang. You can even paint these storage units to match the overall look for your garage. Add labels to these storage units to help organize your items.

Magnetic Strips

If you don’t have toolboxes, magnetic strips can be a convenient way to keep your smaller tools, drill bits and even your nails and screws. You can install the magnetic strips on the wall, on your drawers or anywhere where there is room. You can arrange your drill bits, tools, nails and screws according to their sizes so that you can easily grab a suitable one for your needs. (Better Homes & Gardens – Storage-Smart Garages: Every Little Bit)


Steel pegboards are a relatively inexpensive way to organize and store your tools in the garage. You can mount the pegboard to the wall, install hooks to hang your brooms, shovels and other tools and install bins or baskets to store items that are not suitable for hanging. Things like nails, screws, drill bits, paint brushes can be stored in such storage bins or baskets. (Martha Stewart – Garage and Shed Organizing Ideas: Pegboard Organizer)

Tape Dispenser

Duct tapes are items that are commonly found in garages. To organize and store tapes of different colours and types, you can try making your own tape dispenser that is mounted to the wall. Using a few wood boards and a hacksaw blade, you can create your own tape roll dividers to store the tapes, filler blocks to hold the tape rolls in place and install the blade at the edge for tape cutting. (Popular Woodworking Magazine – Jumbo Tape Dispenser by the American Woodwork Editors)

For a more ready-made option, you can also repurpose a set of drawers as tape dispensers. Slot in metal or cardboard sheets as makeshift dividers in the drawer, purchase or make your own filler blocks and install a hacksaw blade at the edge of the drawer for tape cutting.

Tracks and Hooks

Tracks and hooks can be simple and affordable solutions to take advantage of your underutilized wall space in the garage. These can be purchased at nearby hardware stores. You may find them handy for various items in your garage: bags, brooms, tools, sports gear, toys, etc. You can change up the hooks to suit different needs for different occasions or seasons. (Mary Organizes – Garage Organization for Real Families)


If you are serious about getting your garage in order, now is probably the time to start cleaning and organizing your garage space with these quick and easy ideas that we have suggested. Your garage may not be a room in the house, but it is still an essential part of your entire house that needs care and maintenance too. With some diligence and commitment, you can transform your garage into a space that you are proud of.