The Ultimate Kenmore 21514 Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

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If cleanliness is a part and parcel of you, and live in a house full of wooden floors, Kenmore 21514 Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner is your best choice. It has maintained its design for a very long period, which many users still prove to be comfortable with. We found it convenient because, it achieves maximum performance on low-pile carpet and on bare floors. Making swift movements in the house and maneuvering while conducting cleaning is not a problem at all. In fact it is far much better the upright cleaners. Let's see why you should own it through this Kenmore 21514 Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review.

Ultimate Kenmore 21514 Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review


  • Kenmore 21514 was designed some decades ago. This implies that its design is old fashioned. May be old is gold. Take a keen look at how stalwart this device is, and you will learn to believe that it is here to stay.
  • The beauty we can never avoid about this equipment, is its bearable weight. The brush-head, which users push forth and backwards only weighs 9 pounds. Very light indeed. This is what any cleanliness freak would want to be associated with.
  • Another clear advantage about this device is that you can always leave it on the stairs or even in the middle of the room somewhere without being perturbed on its safety. The other upright cleaners have shortcomings in this case since you will be required to carry them in their entirety while cleaning.


  • The accessories are all stored on board. It has the crevice tool placed under the handle. The combination brush has its installation on the wand, the floor brush and the pet tool rest under one hood. The small turbine brush generally used for upholstery; PowerMate is located under a second hood. Sometimes I wonder why people prefer using bagless cleaners. I didn’t find any reason to despise bagged cleaners after using Kenmore. Honestly disposing the dirt collected is very easy, unclipping the bag in a twinkle of an eye and disposing away should never be a big deal. Furthermore, the bag is completely sealed and there are not dirt or dust released or leaked out. Anyone operating this device is sure that he/she will not get in contact with dirt, it is both convenient and health friendly.


  • However it is pretty fair to be honest and mention some few gripes in the machine. If you have at least exposed yourself and get to use other Kenmore equipment of higher price, you will understand that this unit cannot handle some more extensive and complex tasks. It has a plastic catch used to hold the wand upright. The problem with this accessory is that it is prone to breakage. Big problem indeed, one cannot work perfectly with loose wand. The good news we have is that these plastics are replaceable and are readily available from the sears. Take an early caution, buy them in bulk and be ready to replace whenever they break. But this problem can be remedied completely if sears want to. It is quite simple by making a metallic catch.

Power Controls:

Kenmore 21514 Progressive Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review
  • Kenmore 21514 has several controls. The most frequently used; the power control, is conveniently located on the hose handle. Apart from it, we still have other useful controls to make cleaning both successful and enjoyable. Power cord restart, storage release, hose release, and height adjustment are all essential controls located at the foot level.
  • However, it is not required that the user bends while operating those switches. It is pretty easy. Toggling the controls using foot is more convenient and saves time too. The controls are designed in a friendly manner and will accept the very slight effort applied on them. It is not a foot struggle at all.


  • It is always hard to find vacuum cleaner that produces excellent performance on different floors. Every vacuum cleaner has its area of specialization. For Kenmore 21514, maximum performance is realized when it used on hard woods. I didn’t say that using it on tall carpet is not effective. I tested it on tall carpet and believe me the result were still positive and reliable, I guarantee that we can count on its multitasking capability.
  • Now, if you think cleaning pet hair and fur is difficult, then be sure that you are missing out on something very big. To clear of the fur you require Pet PowerMate, it is a mini turbine brush which is exceptionally perfect and clears off all the messes brought by the pets.

Check Price and Available


Am sure this old-fashioned equipment still lingers around to allow us exhaust its unlimited benefits. The Panasonic Company thought widely to design this equipment. Supply is done by the sears, who are readily available. The price is fair enough compared to the throughput realized when using it. Sears will release this item with amount within $200. To get undoubted result from this equipment, it is advisable to use it on hard woods. Similarly, it can be used on short carpets without any problem. Get one Kenmore progressive 21514 today and enjoy the exuberant outcome other individuals are already enjoying.


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