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Keeping pets at our home require a well maintained hygiene. Picking up all the animal fur should be done frequently to make the place more conducive and healthy. Unfortunately it can be absolutely cumbersome if one is to pick those fur by hands. That is why Pet PowerMate is greatly needed. At times while cleaning the animal fur a problem of clogging the device may be encountered. To cub this, a hair catcher has been adopted. This tools is simply attached to the front of the dusting brush. After proper attachment of this tool, users can maneuver freely in the house to clean all places they intend to.

Also the device contains accessories that are of high quality: telescopic wand, crevice tool together with a bare floor brush makes it an amazing cleaner. These tools can always be kept in different compartments within the device to facilitate ease of access when needed.



Model 21614 is pretty stable on the ground. The base is heavy enough to boost its stability. Apart from the weight, it also contain some small holds on the bottom that help to catch the ground firmly and prevent the equipment from rolling down while being used on stairs. Strong suction that the cleaner has also help to enhance stability. The head cannot be pulled back easily due to the resistance it creates. This generally implies that however thinks of using this devise, must be ready to do a complete task involving muscles.

It is important to understand that the progressive 21614 accessories are glued to their position and cannot be dismantled easily. For instance to remove the telescopic wand out of its shell is not as easy as such. It require some operational techniques. It involves pushing a lever, pressing a button then finally pulling upward to remove it. In short, all of its accessories are well designed to stay intact to help perform their intended work without interferences from external forces.



The working mechanism of this equipment is sophisticated but easy to comprehend. New users don’t require complex or detailed explanation for them to know how to use it. For instance, it has a height adjustable power brush tool. This greatly helps it to work on surfaces of different heights. They efficiently work on carpeted surfaces, on stairs and on flattened floors. The adjustment is essential to ensure that even hard to reach places in the house are taken care of.

Sometimes however, the maximum throughput progressive 21614 is expected to provide could be altered when proper tools are not applied according to the specific task performed. If the accessories are used properly, I guarantee that no dust and dirt can be left on the floor. It can never leave behind even a cat hair. Its vacuum pump sucks everything. In addition, other equipment used to perform similar task have shortcomings in the suction power. In that, their sucking power is only concentrated in the middle of the brush. Thanks to progressive 21614, it has a magnificent ability that allows it to work perfectly at the center and at the edges too.

Now, every good thing has some problems associated with it. The problem with blueberry 21614 is the noise it produces. If you are using it in a house, be sure that everybody will know you are doing some thorough cleaning. I think neighbors can also hear the sound if you are not careful.

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Ideally, Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner, progressive 21614 model is a very reliable and most promising device any user would want to try. The technique applied in its design makes it very beautiful and attractive. Apart from that, it allows for user friendly experience. All of its accessories can be kept on different compartments within the device. This saves time when they are needed for the various extensive tasks the machine can perform. Hooks found at the bottom are of great use too. They offer stability to the machine.

Using it on stairs is possible because of those catchers below. We can never underrate the ability that progressive 21614 can work on different surfaces, this device has greatly proven to clean both carpeted and bare floors. As if that is not enough it has also shown great competence while cleaning carpets of different heights. I wonder why someone would spend much money to get Miele S7, yet progressive, blueberry 21614 is ranked almost ahead of it, when it comes to delivering perfect services.

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