Wen 56200i Review- Portable Inventer Generator That Works Wonders

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The WEN 56200i is a great buy if you are on the hunt for an effective but affordable power generator. Whether you need a power generator for a camping trip, worksite or as a backup in the event of a power outage, the WEN 56200i will be able to meet your needs. Here’s why.



Reliable and powerful power generator for most appliances


Portable design with a top carrying handle


Affordably priced as compared to other branded peers

Customer Support

Responsive and satisfactory service.


  • Dependable Source of Power
  • Extremely Quiet Engine
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Convenient and Portable Design


  • No Fuel Valve
  • Oil Container Design Can Be Improved
  • Manual Can Be More Comprehensive

Overall, the WEN 56200i is an impressive power generator that boasts of many great features: portability, versatility for various activities and powering sensitive appliances, great customer service. All at an affordable price tag when compared to other branded power generators.

Product Features and Specifications

To give you a better idea of the WEN 56200i, I have summarized its product features and specifications below.

Engine79.7cc 4-stroke OHV single cylinder with forced cooling system
Rated Watts1600W
Surge Watts2000W
Fuel Tank1 gallon
Half-Load Runtime6 hours
Total Number of Outlets120V 20A 3-prong x 2
5V USB Port x 1
12V DC 8.3A x 1
Noise Level51dB
CARB CompliantYes
Dimensions18” x 11” x 18”

Wen 56200i Review:


Dependable source of power:

The WEN 56200i’s 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV (overhead valve) engine can deliver a surge power of 2000W or a rated power of 1600W. This is sufficient for your power needs in campgrounds, tailgates, power outages and even construction sites!

The WEN 56200i engine has a half-load runtime of 6 hours. What this means is that the WEN 56200i can provide consistent power for up to half a day. Of course, the actual half-load runtime depends on the load. If you are not loading the WEN 56200i with many appliances, it can last for longer than 6 hours. According to WEN 56200i reviews on Amazon, it seems that this feisty power generator lasted for 10 to 15 hours for some customers during a power outage at home.

With its pure sine wave output, the WEN 56200i limits total harmonic distortion to no more than 0.3% at no load and below 1.2% at full load. This makes it safe to run and power your laptops, smartphones and other sensitive electronics without damaging them.

Extremely quiet engine:

No one wants a noisy generator that will drown out the fun during camping, right? Not to mention the ear damage that comes with prolonged exposure to loud noises.

The WEN 56200i is a quiet operator at just 51dB. WEN has even cited the US Department of Health and Human Services in its claim that the WEN 56200i operates at a noise level that is comparable to the sound of normal conversation. And it seems that most customers agree with this claim. Many of the WEN56200i reviews have commended the inverter generator for its relatively quiet operation compared to other power generators they have experienced.

Fuel efficient:

The WEN 56200i is also designed to be fuel efficient. Depending on the load, you can get the WEN 56200i to last from 4 to 6 hours on just a 1-gallon tank of fuel. With the Eco-Mode, you can even maximize fuel economy and enable the WEN 56200i’s generator to adjust its fuel consumption automatically. Some customers have reported a runtime of 10 to 12 hours with a full tank of fuel on Eco-Mode, which is pretty impressive!

Convenient and portable design:

At 48lbs, the WEN 56200i is considered lightweight for a power generator. If you are reasonably fit, you shouldn’t have much problem carrying the WEN 56200i on your own. It also comes with a top carrying handle which makes it much more portable.

Great Customer Support:

Many customers have commended WEN for its satisfying customer service. From the WEN 56200i reviews, it appears that WEN’s customer service has always been quick to respond to customer queries and requests for returns and replacements.


No fuel valve:

The WEN 56200i does not come with a fuel valve. This is not a major show-stopper; it just means that you won’t have the added convenience of allowing the carburettor to run dry when you want to stop using the power generator.

Oil container design can be improved:

Pouring oil into the oil container can be challenging, especially since the instructions require you not to tilt the oil container. To avoid overfilling or spilling, some customers have suggested using a funnel and adding the oil gradually in increments.

Manual can be more comprehensive:

Although the WEN 56200i manual covers quite a lot of ground, some customers have opined that it could be more comprehensive, especially for users who are new to inverter generators. One example would be the lack of explicit instructions to use the built-in oil drain extension for easy oil changing.

Concluding Thoughts:

As you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to the WEN 56200i. For a fraction of the price as compared to other branded power generators from Yamaha and the likes, you get a power generator packed with several remarkable features— the WEN 56200i is powerful, reliable, fuel efficient, portable and it also comes with good customer service. All things considered, the WEN 56200i is a great deal that you should definitely consider. Once you’ve bought one, do check out the above video from WEN on how to get started with the WEN 56200i.

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